STP Network Launches Staking for STPT — 30.00% Yield! is rebranding to BlockZone + Staking is now live on!


First of all, Token Protocol is rebranding to BlockZone ( This is a rebranding effort on the part of the TokenProtocol team in order to better align their efforts to enable a broader offering of services around the STPT token.

BlockZone has all the same functionality of TokenProtocol, but will add many more features (see Staking below) as it grows to be the epicenter of the overall STP community. Please take a look at the new and improved site and let us know what you think through our Telegram channel! We’re always looking to add more user-generated ideas to the BlockZone platform, so stay tuned for more upcoming feature additions.

STPT Staking

Tokenholders with at least 1,000 STPT are now eligible for STP staking services through BlockZone!

Staking Yield

Each staking period is 30 days with automatic rollover into the next period. Staking yields accumulated by period at the following rates:

Staking yields for STPT by stake period

Staking Terms

  • Each Staking Period lasts 30 days
  • Each Redemption Period lasts 4 days
  • Redeeming yield tokens before a Staking Period ends returns the prior period’s yield
  • ‘Instant Redemption’ fee is 10% of the STPT amount

Contact Us

STP Network

Anyone interested in learning more can visit us at

If you’re an issuer interested in tokenizing your asset, please reach out to us at:

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Anyone interested in learning more about Block72 can visit us at:

For blockchain projects looking for investment banking services, please reach out to us at:

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