Standing Voice
Jan 11, 2017 · 2 min read

Over the last decade, hundreds of children with albinism have been placed in isolated camps across Tanzania. These ‘protectorate centres’ were set up as a reaction to the increasing mutilation and murder of people with albinism from 2006 onward. Separated from their families and deprived of adequate education, these children desperately need to be integrated back into mainstream society and educated alongside their peers.

Since 2013 Standing Voice has been doing precisely that: our Education Scholarship Programme takes vulnerable children with albinism out of camps and places them in mainstream, mixed schools where their needs are understood and their abilities recognised. In the process we reconnect children with their families, provide comprehensive healthcare, and teach students to become their own best advocates, fighting for their rights and claiming a place in society.

Meet Bure, 6, and Lulyalya, 8, two brothers with albinism who were taken to a camp and abandoned by their family, who feared for their safety. Standing Voice recently enrolled Bure and Lulyalya at a high-achieving mixed school that will provide these brothers with the education, care and love they always deserved. Their new school has 534 students, of whom 45 have albinism. Like so many supported by our Education Scholarship Programme, Bure and Lulyalya are excelling academically and flourishing as happy, healthy, confident individuals. Already the future is brighter for so many children with albinism: together we are winning the battle for social inclusion. To help us continue transforming lives you can sponsor a child today.