Skin Cancer Prevention

Mwanza, Tanzania

Photos by Chihiro Tagata Fujii

Cryotherapy treatment being delivered by one of our dermatologists in an examination room at Sekou Toure Hospital

This autumn our Skin Cancer Prevention Programme completed its latest cycle, touring 7 regions of Tanzania. The programme continues to reach over 2,000 people with albinism every 4 months through a network of 30 clinic locations. In November our team visited Sekou Toure Regional Hospital in Mwanza, serving 145 patients with albinism over 2 days.

Beneficiary receiving an examination (Left); Dr Nyanda Venance performing an examination (Right)

Our clinic provided quality skincare education; expert consultation from our team of dermatologists; liquid nitrogen cryotherapy treatment; and referral for surgery where needed. We also distributed Kilisun, a sunscreen produced in Tanzania and specifically designed for people with albinism. To date, we have provided over 200 surgical operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments to combat cancer in its later stages.

Dr Peter Mhini delivering a sunscreen application demonstration at our Skin Cancer Prevention Clinic

Huge thanks to our team of volunteers and specialist dermatologists. It’s because of you that we can keep delivering this life-changing service!