Skin Cancer Prevention: Programme Update


This year we have conducted two cycles of Skin Cancer Prevention clinics, which now reach 2000 people across 9 regions of Tanzania every 4 months in patients’ home communities. In the last month we have introduced two new clinic sites in remote regions of Kigoma and Kagera, and, in May, our Mwanza clinics reached record numbers, serving 307 patients in 4 days.

Our clinics provide expert consultation, cryotherapy treatment, preventative education and referral for surgery if needed. We continue to distribute Killisun, a sunscreen produced in Tanzania specifically designed for people with albinism. To date we have provided over 200 surgical operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments to combat cancer in its later stages. Without this intervention most people with albinism will die before the age of 40.

Our specialist team of dermatologists will deliver 24,000 medical consultations annually, quadrupling the programme’s current reach.