So, I’m still not writing as much as I’d like.

Totally over-estimated the rebirth of my mental capacities, seemingly.

The good news is: some of the clarity I reported on has returned.

The bad news is: the chronic headaches are still taking out a huge part of my daily energy reserves.

More good news: Polish law is pretty good for people who are ill.

More bad news: my job is about to be terminated and the costs of living are starting to come damn close to eating all my savings.

Best news: I’m meeting with some health-professionals this week to get a fresh look at the situation: maybe a 5th opinion will finally find the root of the problem, and get a diagnosis I can work with. All this fighting symptoms is getting old really fast.

Worst news: I’m broke as hell, with no really worthwhile options locally. That’s why I’d like to reach out to anyone looking for a (copy-)writer, English, German or Polish to Dutch translator (or Dutch to English!) or editor to keep me in mind for something that you need done quickly and thoroughly!

If you don’t need anything like that, feel free to spread the word of my availability! People can reach me on Twitter or drop me a line at (Twitter probably works best if deadlines are looming.)

If you’re just filthy rich, and you don’t feel like actually hiring someone to DO something, but you’re still in a mood to make someone incredibly grateful for your warmth and generosity, just drop a few bucks in my PayPal, pal.

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