I’m apparently, the wrong side of 50.
Assunta Crolla

Italian 30something here and I feel you already. I have been single for a ridicolously short amount of time, and my relatives are luckily far away enough that I don’t hear much from them…But my mother just doesn’t get that I am single because I can’t settle down with some guy I don’t feel head over heels for, because “he is nice, he likes me, he looks good” or any other good thing. I am single because I have not yet fallen in love, not because nobody would take me. I am not so happy of not having somebody to share my life with, but I would be extremely miserable, if I had to share it with somebody I don’t really like…

It feels like obvious logic to me, yet people around me like to criticize me for being too picky. But I see the same people making themselves unhappy in horrible relationships that don’t work and are super unhealthy. I might be lonely (I am) but at least I am not actively sabotaging my happiness and the happiness of somebody else.

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