AI@Staqu: Valar Morghulis

We came we saw and we are conquering. Let our AI do the boring fashion curation; humans are born to fight war, not curate- valar morghulis ;). When most of the e-commerce companies in fashion domain are struggling to get proficient fashion curators who can curate different looks of the movie stars, we came up with this revolutionary research of “Buy the look”. You just need to upload an image of your favourite actor or actress and leave the rest to our AI engine. It will do a “deep dive” in your catalogue and provide users, the most similar look in the real time. We don’t want e commerce companies to invest the hard earned investor’s money in hiring and firing the fashion curators rather they should use it in discounts. Poor people in startups like us are waiting for these sales to happen ;) . 
Valar Dohaeris!