Humans vs AI

Human VS AI @Staqu — Pixels are no longer just lifeless numbers!

The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes” ~Sherlock Holmes

Though AI is not going to create apocalypse in the near future but it is now intelligent enough to learn from the “obvious things/big data” generated from the routine work which the humans partake in. Here, we came up with another evidence of AI’s strength in our latest experiment on fashion related data.

Can you guess how much time it takes a human expert to define a cloth in detailed way like “printed brocade sleeveless band collar short length kurti”?

Believe me, deciding or predicting the correct visual attribute for apparel through images (specially in women category) is sometimes more difficult than figuring out whether “John Snow is really dead or not?”

In case you don’ t agree, try to differentiate between kurtis of “scoop neck”, “round neck”, or “band collar neck “ or “mandarin neck”! All these types are visually similar (some way or the other) but technically different. Keeping in mind we are just considering a single visual attribute-”neck”, there are lot many attributes to decide at the time of curation.

In the image shown above we have two images one is curated (for the tags) by humans and another is curated by computer (AI). Also the AI engine used for these tags has never ever seen this dress before. In more geeky terms — training and testing data is completely different.

I strongly believe that replacing human completely will be difficult for any AI , as humans are not cold, hard facts. Rather, it is something that’s constructed with opinions — something that changes over time. AI in the end is just a reflection of these opinions and facts and it lacks the originality but routine jobs are still a soft target for current AI.

Philosophical, isn’t it?