Star Tech — Roanoke’s Connection for Developers and Designers

We welcome software developers of all skill levels to share their experiences with technology. Regardless of the language, framework or platform you’re working with, there’s someone in this group that’s done it before.

Managers and business owners: Star Tech is not just for software developers. Our events are great networking opportunities for your business to identify local development talent. Recruiters, please message one of the admins if you are planning to attend for promotional purposes.

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Star Tech has regular events twice a month:

Tech Talks: Members present on a technology or topic of their choice. Check out this post for a list of suggested topics.

Hack Session: A less formal event where members pair up and build cool stuff. Bring in your own personal project, whether it’s design, software or hardware. Star Tech will announce a theme for the hack session, but feel free to draw outside the lines. Arduino projects and video games are fun and interactive. Nitrous.IO is a great tool for pair programming at our hack sessions.

We’ll also host other events, including Code & Coffee sessions. If you’d like to set up an event like this, reach out to Sam or DC.

Presenting at a Tech Talk event:

Presenting at our group is a great way to show off your skills. Teaching is the best way to learn. For freelancers, it’s a great way to market and network. And the software development community in Roanoke will grow from our shared experiences

If you’d like to present at a Tech Talk, please notify organizers at least two weeks prior to the event. Presentations should be at least 15–30 minutes and up to an hour, but the structure and length are just suggestions. If you’ve got something you’re excited to share with the group, we’d love to have you. If you’d like to support your local dev community by presenting, but are unsure of what you’d like to present on, message DC and we’ll get you set up. Or browse through the list of suggestions.

Authoring a guest post for Star Tech:

We’ll be setting up a blog soon. Ping an organizer if you have an idea for a guest post. This is a great way to prepare for your talk.

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