StarTerra Squadrons(Squads)

Attention StarTerrans,
Not all can compete as individual members of a Faction, which are sent out into the universe to conquer other planets, moons, and galaxies for allocations. However, with details never revealed before to the public till today, the introduction of Squadrons(Squads), will allow players who do not meet the minimum requirements for Factions to join forces with each other -or- be assigned to a team and compete in a Faction! Squadrons allow you to participate in our Gamified tiers not as individuals but as a force!

As a Squadron member, you may not have all the necessary resources(Capital) to be an individual player within a Faction, but your role is as vital in the mission of deep space exploration into our universe and beyond! Here are the basics:

  • We’ve set a requirement to join a squad at 250 $STT, to reward players with meaningful allocations that have value. We’ve chosen to keep minimum requirements to participate in IDO’s the same levels, and we’ll be introducing Squadrons as a way of joining a faction without having the minimum required tokens! This will allow BASICALLY anyone staking $STT a fair chance to participate in the most sought-after projects IDOing on our platform.
  • You can contribute a maximum of 2750 $STT to join a squad, however, squadrons will be limited to the amount of $STT they contain and will NOT be able to participate in WhaleCraft.
  • You can be assigned to a Squad seeking recruits or you may recruit players and form your own Squad utilizing our Allegiance Code Smart-Contracts!
  • Our Allegiance Code(smart-contracts) will split the winning allocations within each Squad automatically, therefore it requires no additional computational effort from individuals.
  • Players who stake the minimum requirement of 3000 $STT have the advantage to join Factions as individuals, and will not be able to participate in Squads at this time.

Although we believe in crypto as an open-source space for gaining wealth and freedom outside of today’s financial institutions, all members will need to be fully KYC documented to be accounted for in any Faction or Squadron to participate in an IDO.

We require KYC for a few reasons:

  • The first is that some of our partners IDOing on StarTerra require it in order to be able to participate. We have many projects lined up that wish to stay compliant and ahead of regulations. As regulatory bodies begin to tighten their grip on Cryptocurrencies, Tokens which are being built to withstand the test of time are factoring in soon-to-be-implemented regulations to be compliant. We and our IDO partners are in it for the long haul into outer space and we will ensure our projects that their investors meet these requirements.
  • The second reason for requiring KYC is that our CEX(Centralized Exchange) listing partners require it from us, as well as any IDOed projects if they wish to be listed. Our IDO partners have a fast track into CEX listings, and by performing a KYC they stay compliant with our listing partners as well.
  • Lastly, we will use this to verify individuals and eliminate bot activity, as players must choose one tier for an IDO rather than spreading their tokens amongst some or all Tiers. This is part of our FairPlay rules as we aim to create a unique environment where all players have the chance to participate in the success of their Faction.

We understand that completing the KYC may be an inconvenience for some, however, we are built for the future! As much as we’d love to forgo the KYC process, we must implement it to maintain our roadmap, the blueprint for what is to become of StarTerra!

With everything we have ready for deployment, we are still listening to our community, partners, and advisors. Calculations for final figures for all the tiers are still being finalized. More details coming soon continuing our Epic Adventure Ahead!

Now that you have a bigger picture of what our gamified tiers will look like, are you preparing yourself for space flight?



-- Launchpad on the Terra Ecosystem

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StarTerra Launchpad on the Terra Ecosystem

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