The Story of Degens

Degens, masters of the Twitterverse, were a group of mercenaries and scouts that found small-cap Gems and were known as champions of the quick flip! They weren’t looked at as a threat to most long-term holds, who perceived them more as scoundrels than scouts, but no one could deny their effectiveness. Rarely working in large groups they brokered behind-the-scenes deals and were known to dump on their fellow bag holders.

At first, Degens ravaged the Ethereum Ecosystem however as the gas wars began, it seemed that their days were becoming numbered until a new ecosystem was uncovered in the Binance galaxy called BEP-20! A spin-off of the Ethereum chain that was praised for its comparatively low gas fees, BEP-20 became a new playground for Degens to run amok! However, BSC’s comparatively low fees also had drawbacks! Scammers now needed very little capital to get their projects on-chain and what was novel at first became the battleground for Degens to gamble. With more garbage than Gems, Degens we’re getting REKT left and right, and during the great May correction, the only gems that pumped were meme coins and their spin-offs. The Degens knew this gambling would end sooner rather than later so they began scouting gems in other ecosystems.

There were some hopefuls such as the Substrate based matter found in the PolkaDot and Kasuma Galaxies, but those gems were synthetics of Ethereum, essentially not functioning outside the ecosystem. Degen’s found a promising Cardano System where they found ADA, but its Gem did not yet have the capability to store information and its properties were rendered useless! The Solana ecosystem seemed to have the most promising gem until the chants of Solana Summer ended after a catastrophic Node failure. The Matic Ecosystem in the Polygon Galaxy had the third-largest TVL behind Ethereum and BSC, but all its protocols seemed to focus on the gaming sector while none brought innovation. Degens knew they needed an Eth killer to elevate their positions and become known as Champions of Coin rather than quick flippers and bag shilling dumpers! Time was running out, and the risk of a bear cycle was beginning to penetrate the minds of every bag holder in the universe.

Then on one mission across just outside the Ethereum ecosystem, in what seemed a void made up of a dying star and with a few desolate planets, a group of Degens stumbled upon a planet that was to be an anomaly. This planet, large and heavy, was orbiting its moon, which had a gravitational force pulling in anything that came close to it! As the Degen ship approached the planet, it began to drift away from its trajectory toward the moon! Even as they attempted to correct course, thrusters full power, the ship drifted closer and closer towards this moon! Unable to change the ship’s heading, the mercenaries signaled to their pooling group in distress. The ship had reached its limit and its energy was about to be drained below presale levels! As this moon pulled them closer, thrusters failing to hold support, they had no other choice but to crash land their ship as their reserves were almost depleted.

This being like no other celestial formation they witnessed in any solar system, these mercenaries couldn’t help but worry that they were about to be rugged by scammers wanting to strip them of whatever little they had left! After a less than ideal impact, the crew members were unsure of what may be waiting on the other side of their cargo doors, so they prepared for a fight! In full battle regalia, the crew members opened their cargo bay doors, ready for a fight, only to discover no one there to challenge them!

As nerves began to settle, they decided to assess the ship’s damages only to discover that the impact site was full of glittering particles amongst the sand! Upon closer inspection, this was no ordinary sand made up of minerals. The top sediment was just a thin layer of space dust. Underneath that deceiving layer was nothing but a solid translucent material that seemed to be made up entirely of crystal! Perplexed, the ship’s captain instructed his crew to dig down. Wherever they dug, the crystal was there! After countless digs, none devoid of this crystal, they began to realize that they weren’t on a terrestrial planet made up of rocks crashing into another! Rather this was one giant moon-sized crystal that would change their civilization’s fate forever! They dubbed this giant crystal Luna, after its mistaken identity of a moon a planet.

After a short while, as their communication signals were answered and word began spreading amongst their community, they began harvesting this Luna Gem.

The Degens had finally found what they thought was a 100x gem. Only after they began harvesting did they realize this was not just a 100x Gem, this was something greater. Normally, Degens used gems as a store of value, but through their recklessness, they discovered that by burning Luna they gained strength and power! At first, they used this for recreation, to gain an edge in the playful battles between each other. As they began to realize the insurmountable advantage it gave over individuals not consuming Luna, they began burning it before bag battles against other civilizations.

Soon thereafter, Degens began dominating the battlefields, using Luna’s energy to overpower their foes with a force that was almost unrivaled! This force came with a heightened sense of focus which allowed them to create weapons capable of destruction that were unparalleled! They began ravaging the universe, consuming Luna like a drug.

The more Luna they used, the more they needed to function. As their civilization’s technology increased they relied on LUNA to be able to focus and use those technologies. They craved the superpowers it gave them, there was no turning back! Degens shortly thereafter stopped chasing quick flips and banded together as a Faction in search of the greatest gem throughout the universe, Luna!

To Be Continued…



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