The Story of Interstellars

Interstellars, one of the most ancient civilizations in the universe, are powerful wizards that used magic well before they discovered the existence of the powerful Luna Gem! They began their existence as humanoid-like species which began harnessing magic from sources of energy around them. At first, most spells were cast in an effort to improve the quality of life during their Blockspan. With their home planet still full of resources, nearly all Insterstellars lived a fruitful life coexisting with the nature around them. A peaceful harmony was at play where balance superseded any notions of dumping bags on each other. However as their network grew, congestion in their ecosystem began to consume massive amounts of energy raising the cost of magic… the balance was starting to shift.

As the energy consumption began to increase, groups of wizards began to form Dark Magic spells to gain an advantage over others. Some even created bots that would jump from any listings of new energy, draining valuable liquidity so they could absorb significant resources for themselves. As was such, certain wizards started becoming significantly more powerful than the rest and they began consuming more than they ever needed. They started to separate themselves in classes where the ruling elite began taking over, and the lowliest of the class were left getting sandwiched between their drainage. As their Dark Magic became more sophisticated, energy congestion reached a fever pitch…Energy costs were so high that even their bots couldn’t function. It was too much for their planet to handle, so the ruling elite determined they must move towards the center of their ecosystem and mine the energy directly from their sun.

With institutional demands being too high to onboard everyone, the ruling elite left their minnows behind. Using this energy for Dark Magic, they began conjuring spells that increased their lifespan, by allowing themselves to swap forms through assets, till the asset was depleted. They created mage towers, called UNIswaps where they swapped themselves from one asset to another. This worked well until their bots drained off their sun’s liquid energy!

Draining their sun's energy forced them to move towards the next ecosystem where the process began anew. Once that ecosystem was drained, they moved on to the next, and the next, and the next… The ancients’ energy consumption was becoming so large that its lower members felt stuck in a Ponzi! The Eldest of Interstellars required massive amounts of energy however when an ecosystem dried up, they were able to hold strong, while its youngest wizards were rekt every time liquid energy was bled dry. The Elders knew that something needed to change.

Without their youngest wizards contributing to the liquid energy pools, the Elders understood that the flow of magic would become static. They needed volume so that they could continue expanding as a civilization, but they were too large to move quickly across ecosystems. In order to hasten the process, a select few Wizards were needed to cast a spell and fractionalize themselves across many wallets.

Fractionalized they were able to scour galaxies at an all-time high speed, however, their magic became limited the further and further, they ventured away from their whole. This left them exposed and they could be dumped on by larger yet less powerful civilizations! They had issues with one civilization in particular the Degens, a group of mercenaries that scoured the Twitterverse faster than any other civilization. Every time a fractionalized wizard came across a gem, it turned out a Degen had already been there waiting among the first wallets and dumping their bags on the unsuspecting wizards! This led to many battles across galaxies between the two factions and the Interstellars were starting to have their liquidity drained beyond any viable exits! They needed to find a gem with volume as their blocks were running out!

Then by chance, one of their scouts, CryptoWizard, heard whispers of a newly discovered gem with a small market cap that not only had the volume they needed but also had transaction fees that were minuscule in comparison to other ecosystems! Apparently, this Gem already had a use-case as a payment system for 2million people from a civilization of Chai! Hesitant to fall into another bear trap set by the Degens, he proceeded towards the Loop Finance Belt just outside of the Orion Galaxy! As he moved closer and closer — he felt his magic get stronger and stronger, something he yearned for after having been away from his civilization for what seemed an eternity!

When his eyes laid on the asteroid of Luna, he sat on his ship in disbelief! Was this another bear trap set by the Degens? Was this sense of power he felt just an illusion of the mind on from being so far from his whole? He sensed this was going to be either his greatest find or his greatest demise! He decided to go all-in, as there was nothing left for him to do! As his bags began to grow steadily, he signaled to other Interstellars across the Twitterverse to come to join his side.

At first not many believed that he had found THE Gem… countless others before had failed so why should he be the chosen one? His biggest critic Mage KSI lambasted the Luna gem across the Twitterverse. However The longer CryptoWizardd absorbed the Liquidity of Luna, the more volume his magic began to absorb. CryptoWizardd, being a disciple of one of the Elders of Dark Magic, knew that in order to get his civilization to listen he had to conjure a spell so powerful, no one had ever conceived to attempt it!

CryptoWizardd had devised a spell that would transport his being using the gem as a vessel. With this spell, CryptoWizardd enabled himself to separate his consciousness from his physical form, thereby becoming immortal. With this same power, he could now conjure spells that allowed himself to teleport from crystal to crystal. This did not come without downsides, however! His magical prowess could no longer be denied, the Interstellars all bowed to him, electing him their leader.

With this newfound power, Interstellars we’re poised to become one of the most powerful civilizations throughout the universe, however, their newfound magic had one problem. Every time they teleported out of Luna Gem into their new UST form, they took the gems’ energy with it leaving nothing but a shell of what once was behind. Soon the Interstellars began to realize that immortality had a consequence! They needed to obtain every crystal of Luna they could find!

To be continued…

As you may have deduced from the article, Interstellars Elected Faction Leader CryptoWizardd will be providing support!

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