Apple Jumping On the Virtual Reality Train By Bringing an 8K VR Goggle

It has been long-rumored that Apple has been working on an augmented reality headset. But recently, the rumors got much more interesting.

May 13, 2018 · 4 min read
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Engadget reported that it was revealed by a CNET source that the headset would be a “stand-alone device (codenamed T288)” and “would also support virtual reality” with “a display for each eye.” To put things into context, the HTC Vive Pro’s displays only contains 1,440 x 1,600 per eye. Engadget continued that “if this is accurate, Apple could effectively eliminate the screen door effect you often get with current VR, where the proximity of the display lets you see the gaps between pixels.”

It is understood that Apple is likely utilize short-range and fast wifi to “transmit data between the headset and box” in an effort to remove the need for cords and wires to allow for a better AR and VR experience. The Motley Fool reported that “the headset won’t depend on a personal computer or a smartphone to handle the heavy computational lifting.”

Although Apple has officially declined to comment on the subject thus far, it is fair to say these sources are probably very credible. As The Motley Fool pointed out, it only takes a simple look at Apple’s job listings to see how heavily invested they are in augmented and virtual reality.

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We can only assume this is the next natural progression for Apple given the fact that the giant has acquired a slew of companies in the AR and VR space. Techcrunch reported at the end of last year that Apple acquired VRvana, a startup responsible for creating a camera-based AR and VR headset called the Totem. This acquisition came after Apple purchased SensoMotoric Instruments, a Germany-based specialist in eye-tracking glasses and platforms for augmented and virtual reality.

Apple is heavily investing in these technologies because of the existence of disruptive companies like Germany-based producer of products and services for the VR market, Staramba. Staramba is in a very ideal position to benefit from Apple’s entry into this market.

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Apple knows that by building a groundbreaking headset, they will benefit from all the technological innovation created by the likes of Staramba. The Motley Fool stated that “Apple’s task will be to ensure that when this headset launches, there are compelling reasons for the average consumer — not just technology nerds who will buy the latest whiz-bang gadgets — to want to buy it.” Staramba is an incredibly compelling reason for customers to want to purchase these headsets.

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Staramba is the market leader for 3D body scanning and 3D avatars, holding the world’s largest avatar database of sports stars, entertainers and other celebrities. Staramba will be the first to bring to market an outstanding VR experience with Staramba.spaces this year.

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