Become a virtual real estate tycoon and forget about flipping that London flat

All businesses offering goods and services need virtual real estate on which to build their presence in the STARAMBA.spaces, as do non-monetized activities.

Business space

Landowners will be able to sell or rent to brands creating stores as well as cafes, movie theaters, sports and eSports stadiums, and event spaces in STARAMBA.spaces.

There will be a marketplace with real estate listings, all paid for in STT, and ITO investors will be the first to have the opportunity to buy.

Every business will need to rent or purchase virtual real estate to have a presence in Staramba STARAMBA.spaces, from massive enterprises like Coca Cola who might want to build their entire space to accommodate millions of customers, to a tiny virtual lemonade stand. It’s not just businesses that will need a space, but any type of community in the real world or online.

Every forum and every subreddit on the internet will require virtual real estate on STARAMBA.spaces where community members can gather together.

Public space

The real estate market is not only lucrative because of monetized businesses; real estate used for non-monetized activities and/or donated as public space will be rewarded directly from Staramba based on the amount of time citizens spend in that area. Providing non-monetized property for a special interest community with valuable content provides income for the property owner if it attracts enough interest. Popular walking space will earn STT by not building anything and providing a thoroughfare for citizens of the STARAMBA.spaces.

Rewarding non-monetized contributions to the STARAMBA.spaces not only rewards landowners who contribute to the public good, but also facilitates the speedy implementation of ideas by innovators who don’t want to be slowed down by business contracts and slow systems for monetization. They can simply build their dream — if people show interest, then the creator gets paid.

Virtual Architects

A real estate market brings with it a need for service providers like real estate agents, virtual world architects, and industrial designers for virtual building materials. The Staramba team is already developing tools for users to be able to design and build buildings themselves as well as offer professional services as designers and architects to other users.

Profit space

The fixed amount of land available in STARAMBA.spaces means that as more people enter STARAMBA.spaces there will be more competition for property. Higher prices for real estate will also mean only the best experiences will be built and increase the quality of the entire STARAMBA.spaces universe.

You won’t get the chance to become a virtual real estate tycoon unless you participate in the Staramba token sale. The ITO starts June 20th, but you can sign up now and start receiving bonus tokens you can use to buy virtual land.

Visit now to sign up and find out more.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is intended as a guide to help investors understand the vision guiding STARAMBA.spaces. The features described are subject to change before and during implementation on STARAMBA.spaces.