STARAMBA.spaces ITO kicks off with a bang. Here are reasons to sign up today!

The STARAMBA.spaces ITO is going to be one of the biggest of 2018 — and the numbers prove it.

Only 10 days since the ITO was announced and already 1 million people have visited to find out about how to invest in the VR universe packed with the world’s biggest stars.

The whitelist has grown to over 25,000 and 2,500 ‘real investors’ are talking about their plans to invest on Staramba’s Telegram channel.

Fans are attracted to Staramba for all different reasons because there are just so many possibilities within the platform and so many ways to profit if you participate in the ITO. Whether you have already signed up or are still trying to decide, here are some details that show just how STARAMBA.spaces will make the most ambitious VR dreams come true.


Bringing the biggest stars and brands into the STARAMBA.spaces is just one of the ways Staramba will change the VR landscape. It’s not another boring, open-ended VR world where nothing happens or a violent shoot ’em up game. Spaces creates a direct connection with the best parts of the real world so that what you do on spaces matters. You can spend, earn, and get virtual- and real-life goods from brands you know.

It’s not just good for the user experience; it’s good business. One of the main advantages of having partnerships with global brands is that they will contribute to user acquisition in order to support their investments in the platform. Each brand and star brings with them a massive following of new users.

Retention rates are quite high in the VR world because there are not so many quality content options. You can imagine with such a high-quality product and familiar names retention will be quite good.

Staramba has been building out their brand connections for several years. Major brands want to invest in VR — they see it is the future — they just need one platform that ties everything together. That is STARAMBA.spaces.

The first stars and brands are signed up. Many more are waiting to see the success of the ITO before they jump in. They will be allowed to buy tokens and start investing only AFTER the ITO.

That means there will already be massive demand for ITO participant tokens before the tokens hit exchanges on October 1st.

It’s easy to see how brands might contribute to creating exciting new experiences on the platform. Affluent STARAMBA.spaces residents might want to pay to teleport instantly from place to place, but Audi and Toyota could sponsor travel around spaces too. Experiencing a drive across spaces in a proto-type convertible would bring in sales of virtual cars as well as real-world sales and make for a thrilling ride for users.


Commerce is an essential — and profitable — part of STARAMBA.spaces. Citizens of spaces can buy digital goods in VR and have the real version shipped to their door. E-commerce in VR is a massive project to integrate real life with VR life and it extends to every detail of the VR universe.

Workflows and integrations for global companies will be built so that they may operate globally and create digital twins for real-life products. Tools for users will allow citizens to create a VR shop stocked with any products they like and to sell to anyone around the world and make real money in the VR world.

STARAMBA.spaces will have a wholesale marketplace for real-life goods where a citizen merchant can choose products they want to sell. Then they can open a virtual storefront where goods bought on spaces will earn a commission for sellers and get delivered straight to customer’s door in real life.

For example, one could their customer version of an Apple Store, where they design the store and do the selling, but it’s tied to the supply chain of Apple. If customers like the custom store better than Apple’s store in Spaces, then that’s where they will buy. The same product is sent straight to them and a commission is earned for the VR shop owner.

This process can be built out for the digital twin of every item one can imagine. Nothing has ever approached that level of convenience for the shopper and merchant. Stores need to stock inventory and move items multiple times before it gets to consumers. Spaces will shorten the supply chain and reduce overhead because the overhead is virtual.

For many products, this significantly increases the value that can be saved from the supply chain. For buyers of things like clothing and cars, VR offers a higher quality experience that leads to better conversions than online shopping.

E-commerce has significant limitations on the 2D internet and there are many products that don’t sell well. It’s also very difficult to sell to global customers — even giants like Amazon are very segmented. Brands save money because you are doing the marketing and selling. They just send straight from factory to customers. When Amazon and Ebay went online, internet saturation was also extremely low. What they show is that first-movers have a serious advantage when the implementation is done right.

It’s not just for products like electronics and clothes. One could open a VR café or pizzeria. Four friends living in different cities could sit down and order a pizza to share. A global brand like Domino’s Pizza or even local shops connected to the platform could then deliver pizzas to all four in their own city at the same time. They can share virtual and real life experience. The VR shop owner would naturally earn commission because they sold the product and saved money for the brand.

These are just some of the ways that STARAMBA.spaces makes it possible to profit from the platform whether you are a global brand or a private citizen of spaces.

Bonuses if you sign up now

Start earning bonus tokens now when you sign up for the Leondrino Wallet and invite your friends to join. Those that support the project early have the most to gain.

The first 2x airdrop is on Tuesday June 5th, so don’t wait. Signing up for the wallet gets you extra tokens and a set of invites. Each successful invite earns you a Leondrino token that can be exchanged for 10 STARAMBA.spaces tokens (STT). When your friends successfully sign up for the Leondrino wallet, you get even more invites to send out.

All you have to do is sign up for the whitelist on the website and you will get a link to the Leondrino Wallet on the success page. Sign up for the wallet and tell all your friends about the STARAMBA.spaces and the FUTURE of Virtual Reality.