Look Good, Feel Good: A holistic approach to fashion, beauty and well-being

September 15, 2017 | Xan Atkins

Starcount’s CEO, Edwina Dunn (right), discusses the latest trends with the panel.

On Wednesday 13th September, Starcount’s data gurus sat side by side with several well-known experts from the fashion, beauty and wellbeing industries, discussing the state of the market and what the digital data can reveal about the future of buying behaviour for millions of consumers around the world.

Showcasing Starcount’s unparalleled data technology, our experts unveiled the latest in ‘emotional loyalty’, understanding consumers through six mindsets and delving into how the lines between each industry are distorting as more and more brands break traditional boundaries.

Starcount’s Head of Partnerships, Rowena Humby, showcases the Observatory platform.

The presentation was followed by a discussion from the industry experts on the panel: Phoebe Gormley, founder of women’s Savile Row tailor Gormley & Gamble, Jessica Kruger, founder of vegetarian restaurant Ethos and sustainable handbag line Luxtra, Kate Whitelock, founder of Nutrition Works, Anastasia Chernyakova, a health and beauty insight expert, and Starcount’s chief data scientist, Clive Humby.

Among the many topics that emerged was the ever-present idea of data privacy, with unnerving examples including the idea of an individual’s changing BMI being tracked through ‘smart scales’ and used by a wellness brand to offer tailored products and advice. When it comes to personal data, the line between ‘cool and creepy’, as Humby pointed out, will always prove tricky to navigate.

The growing importance of nutrition to consumers, not only in wellness brands but in fashion and beauty products, was also another major point raised. Kate Whitelock underlined the growing trend for healthy living across a range of industries, as well as the fact that more and more consumers are looking to eco-friendly products as well as practical, affordable ones, satisfying their conscience alongside their desire to look their best.

Phoebe Gormley stressed the importance of sound when approaching marketing products in these industries, with the idea that music taps into the subconscious more effectively than any other sense.

A holistic approach to wellbeing was one of Whitelock’s other key concerns, emphasising the need for fearlessness when approaching the subject, whilst Jess Kruger underlined the importance of recognising that, in a constantly evolving world, social media will not be here forever, and it is important to begin looking at what will come after (“social media 2.0”), if a brand wants to stay relevant.

All in all, an insightful morning with a range of major brands making their voices heard.

So, with fashion, beauty and wellness covered, Starcount next turns its attention to the screen….

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