3 1/2 Californians: Some Are More Equal Than Others
daniel brezenoff

Rant all you want. The Constitution is the Constitution. Get it. An amendment to the Constitution will never fly since it takes 3/4 or 38 states to appove. I dare say if Clinton had won the Electoral vote and Trump had won the popular vote, there would be no call from the left to change the Constitution. I can say I couldn’t find a clothes pin large enough to hold my nose to vote for either Clinton or Trump.

I voted for Johnson, hoping he would take at least one state, thus denying either Clinton or Trump the required 270 electoral votes, throwing the election to the House where a decent adult would be elected. A million (zillion) to one shot.

As I write this, it appears that Clinton’s lead is LESS than her lead in Los Angeles county, thus at this moment, she lost the rest of the US vote to Trump. I don’t think Los Angeles county alone should decide the entire election.

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