Trying to forget

We had a fight. A small fight. I gave my cherries to the homeless and you didn’t like. I didn’t understand what that was about. I didn’t get why you had to be so tight. You said I stressed you out. You said you didn’t want to spend time with someone who couldn’t handle the homeless. That your friends wouldn’t do that to you. All I did was doing a good deed which I was happy about. Shame about the cherries but I got plenty of money. Those were just 2.5$ cherries.

So I left you to go home. I needed that 25-minute walk alone. I was sure that was the end for us. That I wouldn’t be able to see you again. You texted me to say you’re sorry. I texted you saying it was sad to see you were stressed and unhappy. You said your rule is to ignore the homeless. I am wordless.

I miss meeting you for the first time. We had good chats and great times. I remember laughing and kissing in your kitchen. I love being smitten by your smile and your jokes. I’ve come to accept that love is short-lived. Somehow we just don’t know how to take and give.