This essay was great, until these lines which illustrate a shift it to magical thinking and…

It took me 4 different doctors and six years of false diagnoses to finally get properly diagnosed for PCOS, which is actually a very very common condition in women and has been proven to contribute, if not cause, obesity in its victims. There’s no cure. It’s going to be a lifetime of management, pills that aren’t exactly the most affordable, special diets, and working to control other conditions that come about because of this one (obesity is just one — anemia is another, insulin intolerance as well, which only contributes MORE to obesity).

Please don’t judge based on a few judgmental articles about how fat people just perpetuate their own problems. Often like depression, it can be very difficult to control or do a lot about, especially if something like a food disorder is involved (I am thankful I don’t have one myself). You can also be healthy AND fat. The world needs to learn to stop enforcing cookie-cutter spaces when people vary so widely, and for so many reasons, self-causing or not.

We’re all humans.

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