With the shock over, it’s time to try and think about this logically

I haven’t really written about the Knicks in awhile and it’s largely due to there being nothing of substance to comment on. After all, when Phil Jackson was dismissed, it seemed the Knicks finally caught up to the rest of the league and fully embraced the concept of tanking- though unofficially because the league knows it’s just a coincidence that more than half of it’s teams have their best players out of lineups or trade them away for basically nothing, but that’s a rant for another day.

This is different though because the Knicks made a move that reawakened an…

With Automation Continuing to Upend the Modern Workforce, Maybe there is a Humanist case for a Universal Basic Income.

Surely by now you’ve heard the robots are coming for your job, right?

If you are a regular 9 to 5'er in some colorless office, you might have shrugged this thought off since you think this doesn’t apply to you. After all, automation is supposed to devour jobs from the lower rungs of the American workforce like cashiers, telemarketers, and taxi drivers; not white-collared ones.

The uncomfortable truth is that advances in artificial intelligence & machine learning have also marked more high-end jobs as next in line for becoming obsolete such as financial analysts, lawyers, and even medical practitioners. Whether…

A follow-up review of Ekster’s Smart Wallet after a few months of use

Often times when you read through product reviews, you don’t take into account how much time has passed since the reviewer’s first experience with it. There’s a lot that can be gained from learning about how someone feels about a product purchase months later so I thought it would be helpful to revisit a review I wrote roughly half a year ago.

When I first got my hands on Ekster’s Ultra-Slim Smart Wallet, I was blown away by how innovative and stylish it was. Wallets seemed like the sort of everyday item that somehow managed to oddly remain the same…

“Is Jaws the best movie ever?”

Of course, the answer is no, but it was a question raised by the quixotic Bill Simmons on The Ringer’s recent and wildly addictive Rewatchables podcast during an episode dedicated to Jaws. During the discussion on the film, I couldn’t help but think of Universal Studios Florida’s defunct attraction, Jaws: The Ride.

If I had to sum up the ride in one word, it would be “glorious.” Others might describe it as terrifying or even frustrating. The truth is that it’s probably a combination of all three considering the attraction’s complicated history. One thing…

Sometimes enhancements that seem minimal and expensive upfront can actually help out a lot more in the long-run

Perhaps this scenario seems familiar: getting ready for work in the morning and being on auto-pilot since the same mindless routines you’ve done for the past 1,983 consecutive work days have now become muscle memory. However, on this day there’s a break in the system because when you get to the bus and reach for your Metrocard, you are suddenly enveloped in a hot panic to discover your wallet isn’t there.

Maybe that hasn’t exactly been your situation, but we’ve all been there before when even a small glitch to your daily routine feels like a significant disruption to the…

It’s up for debate who should pay for it, but what is clear is that Art Museums are needed today more than most people realize.

Last week New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art made headlines when it revealed an updated admission policy that would do away with it’s erstwhile “pay as you wish” pricing by requiring out-of-state visitors to pay the full $25 admission fee.

The news was not received well and the MET’s new President & CEO Daniel Weiss found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to explain the basis for the surprising change in the middle of one of the most politically sensitive and divisive eras of our times. …

The Knicks aren’t just winning games. For the first time in years, the Knicks can be classified as appointment television.

For all the talk of how well the new era New York Knicks have looked over these past few games, there’s one thing I’m excited most about — and it’s not just the stratospheric rise of Kristaps Porzingis.

Of course, it’s wildly satisfying to finally see Porzingis unleashed as the franchise player. What I’ve been enjoying the most, however, is how entertaining the games have been. Over the summer, Steve Mills penned a post on the MSG blog that promised a new commitment to defense. Although I thought it sounded refreshing, I didn’t believe him when he said:

“He [Frank…

The best in news isn’t always found online. A growing trend shows that it’s inside your inbox

Despite the criticisms you may hear about today’s methods of news consumption, what most people don’t realize is that there’s a renaissance happening in news media. It’s not happening on any new blogs, and it’s not taking place on social media platforms.

The truth is that one of the best things to happen to the news is that it’s being delivered to millions of people’s inboxes every morning. Yes, I’m referring to email newsletters and no, I’m not talking about those awful & clunky marketing ads disguised as “news” that stuffed your junk email inbox five times a week last…

A People’s History Of A Genocide You Should Be More Aware Of

Cambodia’s genocide was one of the worst atrocities in human history, and yet somehow it seems to have receded into the annals of Southeast Asian history without much media touching on it other than the 1984 film The Killing Fields. Angelina Jolie seeks to change that by bringing it back into the collective consciousness of a new generation through her latest film on Netflix.

In First They Killed My Father, Jolie’s fourth directed film revisits an event that forever wounded a nation and does so through the innocent eyes of a child caught in the midst of it. The film…

Social media newsfeeds have hijacked your attention. It’s time to reclaim it.

Last week during another sad desk lunch, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed and suddenly feeling boxed-in by the same content I’ve seen over and over again. I don’t know when it happened but day-old memes from Twitter, irrelevant quiz results, and the same one or two major stories that get shared by everyone, seemed to have permanently taken over my entire newsfeed.

It wasn’t always this way. As someone that used to read a wide variety of news sources for content to support producing a weekly radio show, I needed to go beyond social media to…

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