Love makes us complacent

Love is a great feeling. We often fall for it many times in out entire lifetime. It is best however, when expressed with the right partner. Everything in our life seems happier, we are filled with positive energy, life is as better as it can get. We hardly tend to notice how dependent we have become on the other person and tend to ignore the harsh reality of life. We are enclosed in our womb of love. It is when we are no longer in a relationship, the reality of life sets in and makes us realize how naive we have been.

I started thinking whether Love really makes us complacent while having a conversation with my friend. While having lunch he said he is not happy even though he got promoted and is in a much better situation in life that most of us. When I asked what will make him happy, he said, “ I want to go home and cuddle with my wife”. I burst out laughing. I wanted to tell him be practical but a part of me agreed to what he was saying because two years ago, I was a guy desperately in love with a girl. For me, she was the one. So when he said this, I could totally relate to him . It was at that point that I realized that love do makes us feel that we have achieved what we could and makes us complacent unless we make a conscious effort to realize that this is not the end of our accomplishments or our plight.

We as human being are born to do much more than this. We can understand how much we are capable of when we see the Triathletes at their best. It seems an impossible task for me and I am sure it is for most of us, but somehow these guys make it look so easy. So, definitely we are capable of achieving much more that we think we can. But since this aspect of our life is not tested in our regular lives we tend to be complacent and forget what we can become and choose to live a life of complacency (sure it makes us happy). But the question we should ask our-self is , “ Is this what I was born to do?”