What matters the most.

What is the criteria to know or to judge someone? Is it based on the way he/she present themselves or the way he/she dresses? What is the single most important thing, based on which if we take our decisions to understand someone, we won’t be wrong in doing so? These are the questions that run through my mind at this point in my life. We all do. We as human beings start to ask ourselves these questions when we lose the purpose of our life or when we do good things for the wrong people over and over again, just to see our efforts go in vain. It is said that we learn from our mistakes, but do we, really? As soon as life gets easy and comfortable and everything around us works out, we get complacent and give in to the same feelings that once we decided not to. We spend all our life thinking and consoling our self by saying “at least I didn’t do anything wrong, at least I tried” etc etc. Is this the life that we hoped we would live? Is this a self-fulfilling life? Nope, definitely not.

Based on my experience, I can say that, the single most important thing to judge someone should be their honesty and hence trust as a result. When these two things work in harmony, there is no way that you can make a decision that will be wrong or judgmental. The bond between the two is going to blossom into a stronger single being. That’s what we aspire for in our lives. No human being can live their life alone. We are genetically moulded to be social. And, if we are going to be social we have to make choices. And this single most factor (honesty leading to trust) is going to be an important tool for us to decide how our life is going to turn out.

Precaution is better than cure they say, but with time we never really take precautions do we? Or sometimes, the precaution is not so fun. What is fun, is the immediate manifestation of our desires. Hardly do we realize, what we are doing in this process. I am not saying stick by the rules or go be a nerdy individual. No. Explore life, but in a way which is meaningful to us, where we know that we are gonna come out as a happier and better human beings.

There is still a lot more to life and a lot more things to live for. But then again, life is a constant process of evolving and learning. There is no way anyone can define life with a few words. It is much more than we ever could and can imagine.