Patterns, Distractions & Things That Go Bump In The Night

Or how to procrastinate when you’re full of self-doubt

Starr Schrenker
Jun 22 · 2 min read
Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

I’m detecting a pattern here.

Every year around this time, I reignite my childhood dream of becoming an author. Blame it on returning home from my annual trip to a beach laced with nostalgia and too much sun. Or maybe the longer days of summer kicked off by the summer solstice.

Hell, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I just updated my Medium bio and noticed I last made changes on June 23, 2018. I’m 2 days shy, but you see this pattern forming, right?

Will I be back in this same place again next year? Updating the bio in late June once again and hoping I finally get the nerve to write a short story or a novel or any of the millions of words burning holes in my brain for the past 4plus decades???

How will I get these flood gates open?

I actually believe I have stories to tell until fear jumps in and pushes me around with the “not good enoughs” and “you’re borings.”

A wonderful writer friend is constantly encouraging me with advice like “500 words of crap is still more than I had before.”

So, here I sit with my goal of at the very least writing “500 words of crap.”

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Being the professional procrastinator that I am, I updated my bio and started writing this piece to bitch a little. Will this count towards the “crap” if what I really want to be writing is flash fiction?

It’s frustrating to be back at start…again.

Any of you awesome Medium writers and readers want to dish out some not-too-tough love?

Save the world. Save your sanity. Save yourself.

Starr Schrenker is a writer, artist, and engineer who continuously makes attempts to save the world and herself. Her hobbies include creative expression, playing with glass and reducing landfill burden. She lives smack dab in the center of South Carolina with her family and elderly pets. Find Starr on Facebook at @starrschrenker and Instagram at @starrwdesigns. She is [still] the author of an upcoming novel about life as we pretend to know it.

Starr Schrenker

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