No-Mind, Universal Consciousness = Flow State = Collective Unconscious Access

Sheldrakian Morphic Resonance:

Aleister Crowley took what he had learned from the various secret societies with which he was connected and created new ways forward. You can do the same. You can show the same energy and imagination as Crowley. He said, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

That is the statement of a man heading for divinity: no apologies, no grovelling, no bowing, no kneeling, no submissiveness, no deference to others. This is not a man who would worship others, and if everyone had Crowley’s attitude there would be no Old World Order.

The Birth of Consciousness

In the film The Matrix, the resistance fighters have a socket in the back of their head used to connect them to the Matrix, and to allow knowledge to be uploaded directly into the mind.

Trinity, needing to escape via helicopter, but without any knowledge of how to fly, contacts the operator and says, “I need a pilot program for a military M-109 helicopter.”

The operator locates the appropriate laser disk then uploads the program into her brain — full expertise for flying a helicopter.

Consider a model of consciousness where the unconscious mind takes the role of the loading program and supplies subroutines to the consciousness, which the conscious mind then runs to accomplish a number of key tasks.

To understand this model, it’s necessary to consider six ideas: Plato’s domain of perfect Forms, Aristotle’s concepts of entelechy and teleology, Julian Jaynes’ concept of the bicameral mind, Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious, Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of morphic resonance and the cosmic equation of the Illuminati: r >= 0.

Imagine a domain of dialectical Platonic Forms (i.e. forms that are initially imperfect but are capable of evolving towards perfection), associated with every conceivable human activity such as flying a helicopter, driving a car, performing high level mathematics, sculpting, falling in love, composing a hip hop song, making a movie — you name it, every base is covered.

Now imagine that each of these Forms is an Aristotelian entelechy. It actively wants to perfect itself, to reach its omega point where its individual dialectical progression reaches its end. These Forms are teleological. They have a purpose, and a will to fulfil that purpose.

Each of these Universal Forms exists in the r = 0 domain outside space and time, but they are all connected to the r > 0 domain of particulars. Each Universal Form and its set of associated particulars constitute a system of Sheldrakian morphic resonance. So, for example, all helicopter pilots in the world are particulars of the Universal Form for piloting a helicopter. As a pilot learns to fly, he is in effect tapping into the Universal Form, and the better he gets the more he is a personal crystallisation of that Form. Each helicopter pilot (each “particular”) feeds back to the Universal Form, and the Universal feeds back to them in a continuous, synergic feedback loop. So, any new trick learned by one pilot will be communicated back to the Universal Form and this will then update all the other pilots, who will all learn the new trick much more quickly than would otherwise have been the case (just as new generations of Sheldrake’s rats get better at making their way through a maze, even if they have had absolutely no contact with any of the previous generation of rats that learned how best to negotiate the maze).

In other words, any activity you wish to undertake, no matter what (unless you are a groundbreaking genius), already exists as a dialectical Platonic Form available to your unconscious mind. You just need to tune into it like a radio station, pick up the signal and start channelling it. If you let your unconscious mind deal with it rather than your conscious mind (which always gets in the way), you will be able to master virtually any skill. Of course, getting your conscious mind “out of the way” is extraordinarily difficult.

When sporting stars are “in the zone”, their unconscious minds have taken over. They don’t need to think about what they are doing. However, when the pressure is cranked up to maximum, that’s usually when the conscious mind assumes control once more — with disastrous results. The golfer, one shot from glory, who misses the easy putt on the last green of the Open Championship, has invariably allowed his conscious mind to interrupt his unconscious rhythm. The greatest champions are those who don’t crack under pressure and who remain true to their unconscious talent.

Most great accomplishments are achieved through the unconscious, intuitive mind. As Aldous Huxley pointed out, consciousness is a “reducing valve” that filters out the enormous amounts of information potentially available to us. Consciousness gives us just enough scope to hold down a dull job and conform to a tedious, brain-dead society.

If we know how to control the unconscious mind then, like Trinity in The Matrix, we can load any program we like and be an instant expert. It’s useful to think of all human activities as subprograms which are all potentially loadable into our minds. They don’t load as abstract programs, sets of rules, or mathematical instructions. They load as GODS!

Human minds revolve around stories and images. What happens to the mind when it is cut off from sensory input but is still active i.e. when it dreams? Well, it shows movies to itself: it tells stories accompanied by pictures, sometimes funny, sometimes erotic, sometimes frightening, weird, embarrassing, inspiring, prophetic, enigmatic, you name it. Dreams feature symbols and, above all, they feature people, especially those involved in our lives. They don’t involve hours of mathematical equations, computer code, text, or foreign languages. Dreams reveal the unconscious. They are bearers of messages from the unconscious and these come to us as mysterious little films, emotive narratives, strange symbols, perhaps even voices.

When a Universal Form interacts with a human mind it does so not as an abstraction but as a being in the unconscious — a hidden voice, a secret guide. Using the example of Trinity’s helicopter program, it would be as if an expert pilot were now present in her subconscious, ready to effortlessly fly the helicopter for her on her command.

Julian Jaynes, with his revolutionary hypothesis of the bicameral mind, proposed that until as recently as the last three thousand years or so, humans were largely controlled by hallucinated voices emerging from the right hemisphere of the brain which were interpreted in the left hemisphere as the voices of gods. It was this phenomenon that made early humanity certain of the existence of gods. After all, they were literally hearing them inside their own heads. The gods in the right hemisphere gave orders, and they were obeyed to the letter by the “follower” in the left brain. The follower didn’t need to think. The follower was submissive, passive, apathetic, waiting for orders.

Doesn’t that sound suspiciously like modern humanity? Even though they are conscious now, many modern humans still wait to be told what to do by managers, prime ministers, presidents, popes, the rich, the powerful, celebrities etc i.e. the new cast of gods in this conscious world of ours. Little has changed in terms of underlying attitudes. Most modern humans are “followers” just like their bicameral predecessors. The only effect of consciousness has been to take the voices from inside our heads and relocate them outside. Schizophrenics are those who slide back to the old bicameral mind and once again hear voices inside their heads giving them orders. Manic depressives are those who, when in their manic phase, identify totally with the gods and think they can do anything. However, when they are in the depressed phase, they are the most abject “followers” who can barely do anything at all. They vainly wait for the gods who never come.

Jaynes argued that the advent of writing, civilisation and greater complexity in human affairs eroded and finally destroyed the bicameral mind. The gods of the right hemisphere fell silent and the “follower” in the left brain evolved into the conscious ego. Now, only its voice is heard. Any other voice would be considered a sign of mental illness. The left brain evolved into the centre of reason, logic and language skills while the right brain is emotional, intuitive and artistic.

But the right brain gods have not vanished. For one thing, they communicate with us in dreams. In emergencies, they can seize control and save our lives. When we are expert at something, we are essentially giving expression to the god within. The gods can confer their superpowers on us if we know how to listen correctly. We can load “god programs” that will allow us to accomplish anything we put our mind to. These are the treasures that await our complete mastery of the mind.

Jaynes’s hypothesis can be linked to Jung’s theory of the psyche. Jung proposed that all human beings are linked via what he called the collective unconscious. We can think of this as a collection of all the Platonic Forms applicable to the human condition. Jung called these Forms “Archetypes” and he said that they manifested themselves in consciousness as images of people and as potent symbols. Just as our physical bodies have adapted and evolved over many millennia, so have our psychic structures. Archetypes have evolved, and are still evolving. (In truth, physical evolution and mental evolution accompany and reflect each other.)

According to Jung, all human babies are born mentally identical: they all have empty conscious minds, but full access to the collective unconscious — to the Archetypes. All of us are guided by the collective unconscious for the earliest period of our life. As for animals, they are controlled almost exclusively by their collective unconscious for their whole lives. Could you recognise individual “personalities” in a flock of sheep or herd of cows, or do they seem largely interchangeable? Even many human beings seem like identikit people. They are so conformist that you could easily predict what they will do in any given situation.

Jung’s ideas are radical. He says, in effect, that far from being left to our own devices in a frightening and alien world, we are provided with a complete program of archetypes that will help us to actualise our full potential. Every aspect of our life is already anticipated by the archetypes: the mother-child relationship, the father-child relationship, the only child situation, the brother-brother relationship, brother-sister, sister-sister, child-friend, child-stranger, child-teacher etc — all of these are governed by an appropriate archetype. Adolescence, falling in love, marriage, parenthood, middle age, seeking the Higher Self, old age, preparing for death, preparing for the afterlife: each of these is archetypally conditioned. If we just let the archetypes take their course, as humans did in the days of the bicameral mind, everything would proceed smoothly.

The truth is that we are all entelechies. Everything we need to become God is programmed into us. Just as an acorn is programmed to become an oak tree, we are programmed to reach maximum actualisation as divinities. The only thing that can go wrong is if our inbuilt program is subverted, and then things can rapidly start heading off course, leaving us bewildered, frightened, anxious, and alienated from our true selves. Welcome to Planet Earth!

It turns out that our conscious minds are our greatest enemy. They continually resist and sabotage the archetypes. They think they know best.

We try to impose rules devised by our consciousness that are utterly at odds with our authentic natures. For example, Muslims and Jews circumcise baby boys. Such a practice has absolutely nothing to do with nature or the archetypes. These little boys are then fed endless religious propaganda that warps their minds and turns them against their own natures. The inbuilt program to maximise their potential and guide them properly through childhood becomes useless. Instead, they are bombarded with garbage that does them nothing but harm.

All religious interference in children’s lives is an abomination and an abuse. Religion ought to wait until the child has grown up and can think for itself before it seeks to intervene. All forms of brainwashing of children should be illegal. Children should be treated AS children, not as miniature rabbis, priests or imams. They should be protected from anything that robs them of their childhood. Why should a child have to pray five times a day and memorise the Torah or Koran?

If Nature’s program for raising children is wrecked, a whole life of trouble is guaranteed. If the archetypes for childhood development are sabotaged, all the future ones are too. Every aspect of our lives is undermined. We lose contact with Nature and in fact we find ourselves in opposition to Nature. Think of the young man who wants to have as much sex as he can get, but, instead, is forced by puritanical parents to renounce all of his sexual impulses. Result? — in ten years’ time you’ll have a pervert or suicide bomber on your hands. We create monsters by continually attacking Nature. Rather than allowing healthy archetypes to guide us, we end up summoning the wrong archetypes that do us maximum damage. We manufacture hell for ourselves.

If society were designed correctly, we could ensure that everyone’s inbuilt God program was fully activated and everyone would lead the best life of which they are capable. We could create the optimal Earth, the best of all possible worlds. So why don’t we?

We know what to do. We know what’s stopping us. There’s just one problem. The force that stands in the way of the progress of humanity is the Old World Order. The people who rule us are our greatest enemies. Yet they too are screwed because they are leading horribly shallow and unspiritual lives. Nevertheless, they think they are doing very nicely, thank you very much, and they don’t want anyone spoiling their fun. As far as they’re concerned, our inner God can go fuck himself. They want us to worship them, not to make gods of ourselves. If we did, they would no longer have power over us. They are the masters and they want us to remain their slaves.

— Excerpt from The God Series by Mike Hockney


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