3 Finance Friendly Methods for Growing Your Business Online

It’s a great feeling to have your business up, running and available to customers.

You are now, as they say ‘in business’.

However, you’re not done yet.

You have planted the seed and now it’s time to start growing your business online. Just like a healthy plant all it needs is the right nutrition.

But how do nurture the right way? How do you know if you are doing it correctly?

Before you start nurturing growth, first you need to know and understand who your audience is.

You need this ‘understanding’ so that you can start growing your business online in a direction that is appealing to your customers.

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Also, if you are a one-woman (or man) show I know how important it is that growing your business doesn’t break the bank! All of my suggestions are super finance friendly.

3 Finance Friendly Methods for Growing Your Business Online

#1 Growing Your Business Online — Use It The Right Way

Social media is the ultimate weapon for growing your business online.

It’s free, it can reach millions and you can start instantly.

Don’t waste your time joining social networks where your audience is not present. Learn where your audience is and join 2–3 different networks.

Use the image below to help choose the right one for your business.

If you are not sure how old your audience is you can use Google Analytics to find out. Once you are on analytics, using the options on the left-hand side go to Audience — Demographics — Age

The key to using social media resources is to stay active at least 5 out of 7 days in 1 week. Even if it’s only one submission a day. And with services like BufferApp and Hootsuite you can upload and schedule in all of your social media messages for the coming days ahead.

Once you are consistent with social media next you have to make sure you’re engaging and relevant to keep people interested. As well as sharing your own work don’t forget to share other people’s too. By sharing other people’s relevant work it demonstrates that you are a great resource for information and an expert in your field, this also helps you to become a go-to-person within your niche.

To find great content on the internet, within your niche that also gets a lot of shares head over to Buzzsumo. Type in keywords related to your niche. This will bring up the most shared content available on the web for that keyword.

Add the popular and highly shared content to your daily social media scheduling diary.

#2 Growing Your Business Online — One Promo at a Time

One common thing start-up owners often wrongly do is to try to promote too much work at one time. Even if you do have different products, you can still make them available to buy, but do not actively promote all of them at one time.

One product (or service) needs…

  • A marketing plan
  • For the marketing plan to be executed
  • The outcome and feedback from the results of the executed marketing plan.

You may have other products available but stick to promoting one product at a time.

As it is easier to gain more sales from current customers instead of searching for new ones when you promote a new product tie it into the first one.

For example… if you made handmade teapots and promoted them, your next step could be to create handmade tea cups, then handmade plates for tea cups and continue to promote upsells from the people that have already bought from you.

#3 Growing Your Business Online — Find Their ‘Hang Outs’

When you first start off you are always the ‘little guy’ and a great way to get your voice heard is to piggyback. You can piggyback off the back of other businesses that are already bigger than yours (with their permission, of course).

When choosing where to piggyback think if their customers would find your product useful. Piggybacking is not about shortcuts, it’s about being useful to the businesses customers or otherwise that business has no reason to work with you.

For example, if you were a ‘healthy lifestyle weight loss coach’ and you have an EBook with 50 weight loss eating plans.

You need to stop talking to empty rooms and look for the places where there is already a current audience.

Now to find popular places where you promote your business, first decide on the method that resonates best with your audience and create a spreadsheet of the most popular.

This could be blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Podcasts, Instagram accounts or Snapchat etc.

Knowing exactly what resonates with your customers is another reason why it’s so important to understand them.

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But a quick way to get you started is to head over to different methods of promotion/content like blogs, Instagram accounts and podcast (within your niche) and see what method is the most popular.

  • What method is the most common?
  • What method receives a lot of shares and comments?
  • What methods are customers engaging with the most?

Once you found the most popular method(s) next choose 5 businesses that use this method to pitch your useful ‘content’ to them. Your pitch needs to explain…

  • Who you are
  • What your business does
  • Why it will benefit their audience
  • What’s so great about it

Before your ‘content’ is acceptable it’s important to know how their traffic will tunnel towards your product/website/blog.

This could be through a short bio at the end of a blog post where you talk about your business and a link to your product

This could be on a YouTube video where your logo and product are shown and their video links to your YouTube channel and your YouTube channel links to your website.

This could be an Instagram post where the owner of the account is using your product and links the image description to your blog.

Whatever method and tunnelling system you use, make sure you can see how their traffic will tunnel through to where you want.


You’ve taken the first initial leap which is also the hardest, now it doesn’t matter how slow you go just as long as you don’t stop.

Each step is your nurturing process, each step needs to be done carefully and each step is a huge contributor towards growing your business online.

What other friendly finance methods can grow an online business?

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