3 Ways to Keep Readers Hooked on Your New Small Business Blog

Blogging has become a common tool many businesses use today. With millions of new blogs being created daily, it can be difficult to make your small business blog stand out and engage with the audience?

What should you write about?

How can you keep it interesting?

How can you keep customers engaged?

Without a relevant blog, your readers won’t stay around for long.

To keep them around you have to know what to write about.

So let’s look at how you can always give your readers what they want.

3 Ways to Keep Readers Hooked on Your New Small Business Blog

Small Business Blog #1 — Who are You Writing For?

Before thinking about the type of content your readers want, first, you need to know who they are.

This is important because everything to do with your business will be catered around this group.

Things like…

  • Your social media posts
  • Your ideas/solutions
  • Your marketing
  • The colours of your website

This will be created with your audience in mind.

How can you do this if you don’t know who they are?

Read my blog post… The 3 Step Ultimate Guides to Finding Your Startup Target Market. It includes 3 intensive steps to show you who you are selling to. It also includes a free download where you can create your customer demographic.

Once you know who your audience is, then you can move onto what they want to know and read about.

Small Business Blog #2 — What Questions Are They Asking?

A great way to find blog content is to see what kinds of question your audience is asking.

Their questions not only gives you insight into what they want answering.

But also, what they are interested in? What they want to know and what’s on their mind?

Start with the places where people are already asking questions.


Quora Is a Googled owned Q & A site. They have hundreds of categories.

Head to Quora and enter a broad niche keyword, instead of a direct question. As you begin to type your keyword ‘Topics’ will begin to show predicted results that you can choose. Or just hit the ‘search’ tag at the bottom of the results instead.

Pick one closely related to your business and scan through the common questions. As Quora allows readers to Upvote questions they like, I always read through the answers too, to see what type of response the audience likes and finds helpful.

The date is at the top of all questions, so stick with the questions no older than 1 year.


Reddit is many things! One of those things is a great Q and A site. You can use Subreddits to find the categories that you want. Just like Quora you enter broad keywords and predictions will start to display themselves. Choose one and start to hunt through popular users questions.

Niche Related Forums

The purpose of a forum is to ask and answer questions, so what better place to seek and find great questions?

To find related forums enter your main keywords into Google, alongside the word ‘forum’. If your idea is popular enough it will have plenty of active forums. Forums can be scary places and you can quickly drown in a number of threads, questions, and replies.

To gain the best results read my post…What to Do If Your Business StartUp Research Is Not Working. This post will show you exactly how to get the maximize results from forums.

What to remember…

Create a spreadsheet (similar to the Xcel format) and fill in the common question you find on Quora, Reddit and in Forums. These common questions can become blog posts that can be reworded as titles with your own answers as the content.

Don’t forget to read the answers that have the most Likes/Upvotes/Points. Monitor what people like, so your answer can also align with it.

Small Business Blog #3 — The Most Popular

It’s great to answer specific common questions but overall you need to know what the most popular subjects are. By knowing what the most popular subjects are you can always brainstorm and create smaller topics off from the most popular ones.

To find the most popular subjects go back to your subreddit and click on the tabs after entering your business keywords to see what the most popular topics of all time are.

Buzzsumo is also a great free resource that tells you what the most shared topics are on a particular keyword that you enter. You can even click through and check out the websites where the blog post/information came from.


The main thing to remember whilst blogging is to be consistent and useful. You can’t blog every now-and-again with basic content. Make a consistent plan to really push out what your audience wants.

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To know what they want, you have to…

  1. Know who they are
  2. Know what questions they want answers to
  3. Know what topics are popular
  4. Create useful content consistently

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Originally published at www.StartBizQuitJob.com on April 27, 2016.