How Any Startup Business Blog Can Grow Traffic Fast

I know when looking at the big picture, starting a business blog can seem like a pretty easy thing to do. In reality, it actually is!

I could have a new business blog up and running within 30 minutes.

But just getting a blog up is not what creates a business.

But when you want to start a business blog the word ‘easy’ is certainly not the word I would use.

But your blogging efforts are worth it. Blogs help to drive traffic to your blog and it draws attention to your business.

Blogs help you to become trust and an authority figure within your niche and (when done right) you are building positive long-term results for your business.

But even when done perfectly right, all this does not come overnight. To nail your results let me show you how any startup business blog can grow traffic fast.

#1 — Business Blog — Consistently Consistent

Where do you enjoy getting your information from? This could be the TV, magazines, books or the internet.

Do you know why you keep returning back to this enjoyable source?

It’s because you enjoy the regular, consistent information they provide you with. This could be a TV show that has a new series every week, a YouTube channel that uploads daily videos or a magazine that you pick up every Friday.

Whatever it is that you love you stay interested because there is a consistent flow of information.

This is how you keep people engaged on your blog. You have to be consistent and publish work often. Now some bloggers just post often, some have set schedules where they publish twice a week, like a Tuesday and Thursday.

Whatever you choice, real business bloggers work hard to publish regular content or otherwise readers get bored and they won’t visit you.

Another very serious reason why you have to post often is to help support the way Google looks at your blog.

Who do you think Google is more likely to rank higher in their search engine? Do you think it’s the blogger who publishes work every 6 months or the blogger who publishes work every 2 days?

Think of a realistic schedule that you can keep. If the schedule starts to not work for you, then change it. This is the beauty of working for you. Create it and change it so that it works for you. But just stay consistent to keep eyes of your blog.

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#2 — Business Blog — Content, Content, Content

Now that you have a regular schedule in place it’s time to think about what you’re actually writing about. It’s great to have a regular schedule that you stick to but if you are writing about the same old stuff or boring stuff then nobody will stick around.

The goal of every blog post should be that the reader can take something away and use it. Every post needs to be actionable, in step-by-step format or simply just useful to the reader. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in being useful and giving takeaways always works.

For example, let’s say you want to start a business about… vegan cosmetics to create actionable blog posts your post could be about…

  • An infographic showing how vegan cosmetics statistically benefit the animals and the plants = useful information
  • A free recipe for a 5 ingredient homemade vegan soap readers can make themselves = step-by-step
  • Lesser known things readers can do to 1/2 their carbon footprint in 7 days = actionable

#3 — Business Blog — Get the Google Thumbs Up

This 3rd step is a little off topic but very important for your blog’s success. SEO (search engine optimisation) is what Google users to rank your website within their index. There are a few SEO starter tips you can use to make sure that Google not only notices your website but does not penalize it for using SEO in the wrong way.

If you are going to use the WordPress platform for your blog (which I highly recommend) then one of the first plugins (WordPress plugins are like apps) you’ll need is Yoast. Yoast helps you to create Google-friendly content and do all the things that will keep you indexed.

Read more here on the WordPress platform (scroll down to #2 for WP information). Find out here the difference between WordPress(.com) and WordPress(.org) and which one you should pick.

Once you have your WordPress account, head to plugins which is located on the left-hand side. It will look like this…

Click on Plugins and enter into the Plugins search bar Yoast.

My 2 additional SEO tips would be to…

  • Hyperlink one niche related keyword within your post (Hyperlink is when the text is highlighted. Once clicked on it takes you on to a different page or downloads).

For example…

Link the hyperlinked word to another page within your website, like a different post. By Hyperlinking, it helps to tell Google what your website is about.

To hyperlink in WordPress…

  • Click the left button on the mouse
  • Mouse over the text you want highlighted
  • Look for the ‘link’ icon when writing a post in your WordPress icon located at the top of the post.
  • This will open a ‘URL’ bar which is where you enter the full website.
  • Use focus keywords that are not highly competitive or ‘searched for’

Head to Google’s Keyword Planner

Sign in and click on…

Enter the keyword that you want to use for your post. Make sure that are relatable but different.

Then click on the ‘get ideas’ button at the bottom.

I like to use keywords that have low competition and are searched for between (roughly) 800–2000 a month.

Although I’m no SEO expert, SEO this is some of the stuff I’ve learnt so far which has helped my blog perform better.

#4 — Business Blog — Attention Seek

One of the most important but highly overlook points of good blog posts is the title. You could have the best piece of writing but without an enticing title, nobody will be interested. Check this infographic out here on how to right a perfect title to get clicked on.

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Owning a business blog can be a great drive of traffic and it’s also a great way to build relationships and your reputation.

But like any business, it needs your thoughts, plans, and a great execution.

Thanks for reading

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Originally published at on May 17, 2016.