Twitter Just Got Better For Customer Service

Twitter is one of the best customer service tools when you’re running a small or medium business. Along with Facebook Messenger, it’s perfect for enabling a one-to-one relationship with your current and prospective customers direct from your smartphone. You can receive customer concerns, reply to queries, offer URLs and suggestions, comment when your site is down or you’re closing down the office for holidays, and take conversations offline.

But sometimes you’re busy on the job, right? So you might see a comment, called an @reply, and want to reply back but don’t have the time there and then.

So how to do it?

Currently you can ‘Like’ the post and refer to it later, but if you’ve receives a negative comment, the last thing you want to do is ‘Like’ it. And you can also currently DM (direct message) it to yourself. But Twitter’s new proposed feature, the #SaveForLater Bookmark looks like a small business winner.

Twitters new Bookmark feature

The news about the new Bookmark feature was shared by Twitter product manager Jesar Shah on Twitter late last week sharing the prototype (read her full message here).

The gist is, to the right of the ‘Like’ button you’ll soon see an option for ‘Add to Bookmarks’ (pictured below). Then you’ll simply click to save.

Then when you want to retrieve all Bookmarked tweets, you’ll simply go to your profile and select the Bookmarks from the drop down menu.


There’s no date on when it will appear in your Twitter update, but Jesar said she and her team are keen for your feedback, so tweet her here with your 2 cents worth.

Have a fab week!

Wendy, CEO & Founder, Start Social