iOS is considered as one of the most secure operating systems. iOS has more security. iOS platform offers its users stay safe from external threats which is the best part and advantage of this platform. While developing an app for the business, providing a powerful shield against malware, virus and other internet threats for app development of a business.

But still, there are some security breaches in iOS Applications that should be handled from the development perspective. We will go through some security breaches we faced, with their respective solutions.

The first issue is about insecure network calls to the…

As we all know the Google IO 2018 was all about the bringing the best user experience to end user using ML and AI.

In the Google IO 2018, Google showed their emerging knowledge in the field of AI. All the product or service enhancement that was discussed backed by either AI or ML. From Gmail to Self Driving cars all got major upgrades.

Google showed how ML can benefit each and every field we can think of, from the examples one includes its usage in Health industry that can enable Doctor to operate on patient much earlier by diagnosing the disease either at an earlier stage or much faster than traditional ways.

Read more:

Google IO 2018 — For All the Android Developers out there

Basic Steps for Setup Ionic in your workstation

Installations the Requirements

  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Android SDK

Step 1. Install Nodejs

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs ()

Step 2. After installing node.js verify and check the installed version. You can find more details about current version on node.js
$ node -v
$ npm -v

Step 3. Then proceed to install the Ionic CLI and Cordova for mobile app development:
$ npm install -g ionic cordova

Setting Environment Variable

  • Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of your JDK installation
  • Set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable to the location of your Android SDK installation
  • It is…

Android ProGuard (Shrink, Optimize and Obfuscate)

To make an application is not good enough, but it also needs to make secure and optimize. It’s the basic needs of an application.

Security & Optimization play a great role in app ratings, even clients also demands a secure and optimize app. We are providing client based app development services and these are their basic requirements.

To overcome issues regarding a big size apk and security, ProGuard is the basic and recommended technique to use. Every one can use even a beginner as well as experience developer. …

In iOS app setting UI design have multiple option like

Frame : To lengthy

Auto Resize : Not Correct every time

Auto Layout : Constraint, but easy

This is about setting the app behaviour according to screen size class.

Auto Layout is all about constraint, every body wanted to set app in universal but sometimes for landscape and portrait the screen display is not eye catching so to make the app work tremendously use auto layout, change the constraint for different screen and for this we don’t have to do any thing just add constraint and it automatically adjust it’s…

ComponentDidMount( ) and ComponentDidUpdate( ) will solve your problem.

FullCalendar events are rendered using the JSON format.If you are using API to GET(fetch) these events, then It will be better if you pass these events as an props into your Calendar component.

Now lets see how you can update your rendered Calendar with events in React.js [Re-rendering FullCalendar with Events Data]

Step 1. Initialize your Calendar in ComponentDidMount() method.Let’s see an example. Here we have created an updateEvents function where we are passing eventsList as an argument.

updateEvents:function(eventsList) {

Objects are made up of data-variable. If a variable contains a function in it, it is called a method of the object , otherwise the variable is called a property.

So, lets first have a look over complete major part of javascript objects as a constructor function:

Example of constructor function of a javascript object:

function ConstructorFunctionExample() { = “Constructor Function Example”;
this.IsItUseThisKeyword = true;
this.IsItUseSemicolon = true;
this.IsItUseEqualSign = true;
this.IsItContainDataVariables = true;
this.introduction = function() {
console.log(“This is an example of “ + + “.”);
this.description = function() {
if (this.IsItUseThisKeyword && this.IsItUseSemicolon…

Internet of Things — Sizing up big — Bringing revolution in the world

Internet of things has become the concept of everyday things from the wearable to industrial machines. It uses sensors to gather data from all over the environment process it and finally take action on the processed data. It basically refers processing of the physical elements with the help of embedded sensors, actuators and other objects which has the facility to collect data from environment and transmit it. The parameter on which is works on is the energy optimization. …

Marketing trends of mobile apps

There are huge amount of choice for the users when it comes to which application to install, which will work best so that they can spend less time and their work will be done. So it’s very important for the application developers to find the recent and trendy ways to promote and market their application as innovative as possible. By promoting one can engage more number of customers.

Firstly the developers must analysis the market and make strategies which will help them in long run and it will also attract whole lot of users who…


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