Civic Tech is So Hot Right Now. Seriously.

The Big Picture

You might assume that the slow bureaucratic churn of government would scare away entrepreneurs. Not so fast, my friend. Two words: Civic Tech. Local and state governments will spend an estimated $25.5 billion on IT this year. Currently, Civic Tech makes up 24% of that and spending in the space is growing 14 times faster than spending on traditional technology.

Drilling Down

Keep an eye on Accela, a data organizing platform targeting governments, which recently closed a $143.5 million funding round, upping its total funding to $200 million. And, OpenGov, which makes a cloud-based software kit that helps government employees sort their data, just wrapped a $25 million round ($47 million overall).

That’s What He Said

“I’ve talked to funds that said ten years ago, any pitch with the word ‘government’ in it would have gone directly to spam. That’s not the case any more.” — Zac Bookman, co-founder of OpenGov

The Takeaway

Transparency. Transparency. Transparency. As citizens, we’ve increased our demand for it, and that’s pushing governments to find better solutions for delivering it. Is it a topic in this presidential election cycle? Well…Martin O’Hottie’s trying to make it one. While pundits give him little chance to finish the race, his recent ‘Pro Civic Tech’ stance may have at least secured the nerd vote.

Originally published at on October 16, 2015.

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