Convert Your Start-up Idea to Concept

In the world of psychology, an ‘idea’ is often referred to as a “mental construct.”

Ideas are highly abstract, and therefore, can lead to very different interpretations by other people, depending on their experiences, interests and backgrounds because their filters will be different from what we bbbpitch. 
 On the other hand, the ‘concept’ is a specifically selected idea which you really believe in and want to bet on it. In the concept phase, one can mentally visualize or even jot down the whole development path right from start point to target output from the concept, along with the in-between transition points.

Various ideas which are converted into well defined ‘concept’

Thus, it is better to explain or share your concept in the form of visually tangible format such as an image, a storyboard or a prototype, mock-up, sketch etc.

Finally, it is easier to explain the blueprint of your dream house rather than pitching the structure of the house, orally.