Dedicated to start up founders

‘My belief’ v/s ‘Market Reaction’

‘I’myself alone does not represent the market

Regardless of whether you agree or agree to disagree, here is the reality.

As a founder, whatever you firmly, obdurately believe in (start-up concept); it will always remain a hypothesis until the market speaks (through action). And the market (customers) will always speak through various forms of actual actions based on your business model. Example: if it is e-commerce based business model then orders, subscription based model then subscribers, etc.

More than engaging and conducting usability sessions; shipping a “minimum viable product” early & learning from actual user’s behavior while using product/service will provide better useful insights. Observation can certainly be cheaper. Few believe that there’s a lot to be said for not rushing into the market, and learning from the mistakes that the first entrants make.

‘Wait and Watch’ is the mantra which many start-ups apply. But the relevant idiom is ‘We cannot compare an apple with an orange’.

Our intuition may or may not work. Thus, rather than waiting and iterating the product, it is best to launch it in the market by tapping the right set of potential users. Early users might give positive feedback, but when they take action through actual CTA which might be order or subscription and stick to your product. Then, it definitely indicates that they are finding value in your product/ service.