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Kylan Kester (LinkedIn Image)

We’re pleased to be able to sit down with Startup Atlanta’s new Community Coordinator Kylan Kester. As a social entrepreneur, Kylan is passionate about ventures that accelerate policy in human rights, that promote access to technological education, and that connect resources to support entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

At any given time, you might find Kylan reading an article in Bloomberg or GQ; highlighting a novel on modern design in Apple Books; or practicing his Chinese calligraphy. …

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SharedSpace Dunwoody

SharedSpace ATL is a vibrant co-working community within the startup ecosystem located in Dunwoody, and caters to entrepreneurs that prefer to work outside the perimeter. With over 100 members, SharedSpace continues to grow at a rapid pace and that includes their office space! This expansion offers more private offices to accommodate the incoming companies and an additional training space for a coding school and workshops. This open and bright layout welcomes small businesses, large companies, and freelancers to utilize their resources to reach their full potential. We took a tour of the space and learned about how they plan to redefine coworking in the future. …

The Atlanta Startup Ecosystem is a thriving community filled with collaborative and engaging individuals. Thanks to continued support and investment from government entities, schools and universities, and successful startups and entrepreneurs Atlanta has grown over the years to become a top 10 city for startups! New community events, workspaces, and accelerators are emerging throughout the entire city and building momentum. Because of this, access to the wealth of information available can be difficult to keep up with. There’s an abundance of resources and opportunities available within the startup ecosystem.

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We have created a startup guide to help community members navigate through Atlanta’s startup ecosystem. Atlanta is home to some of the most influential spaces and organizations dedicated to supporting B2B and B2C startups. Use this tool as a roadmap to find the people, places, and organizations that can contribute to your success! You’ll find descriptions of groups and events, coding and design schools, funding, media, and more. You can learn more about the various co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators to help you and your startup prepare for the next level and succeed. Also, you will find an extensive list of notable names that contribute greatly to the success of the startup community and continue to help members cultivate solid startup companies. Become involved in the many organizations the startup system has to offer and grow your network. …

Full: Founder Interview with Derek Burns, Beer Book

Startup Atlanta interviews the Founder of Beer Book app.

It’s no secret: there’s a beer revolution brewing up all across the U.S.

After posting double-digit growth for 8 straight years and with more breweries today than ever before, you could say that the craft beer industry is booming.

Atlanta is no stranger to this industry as we celebrated our local craft brewers and distillers a few months ago at our event at Urban Tree Cidery.

With beer drinkers fueling up with a wide variety of fuller-flavored ales, the demand is clearly there. But, as a consumer, the growing number of choices creates a problem: where do you find your favorite craft beers when they aren’t produced in mass quantity or supplied consistently on a store-to-store basis? …

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(Images via SharedSpace)

Founded in 2016, SharedSpace is a new type of co-working facility. The space caters to Atlanta entrepreneurs located outside the Perimeter and takes inspiration from the precedent that Atlanta Tech Village, located in Buckhead, has set to cultivate the entrepreneurial community of Atlanta through “serendipitous interactions.”

“They brought co-working into Atlanta,” says Michael Everts, President of SharedSpace.They’re the ones that put that building into the middle of Atlanta, branded it, and people said, ‘What is this co-working concept?’”

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Atlanta Tech Village is conveniently located in Buckhead, which for the Intown entrepreneur who lives or works in Midtown, Buckhead, or Downtown, is perfect. …

“Enjoy” a beautifully crafted tequila from Atlanta’s finest.

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(Photo: Goza Tequila)

Atlanta startup, Goza Tequila, has been producing the smoothest tequila since their launch in mid-April of 2015. For those who have been intimidated by the taste of tequila, Goza has managed to take the intimidation out of it in more ways than one. Tequila’s vast market doesn’t seem to intimidate the Goza team, creating believers in tequila one person at a time.

Jacob Gluck, CEO of Goza Tequila and Atlanta native, takes a grassroots approach to Goza’s marketing to young professionals within the greater Atlanta area. …

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(Photo: ASW Distillery)

Which came first, the distillery or the whiskey?

For the startup ASW Distillery, it had been distilling its signature American Spirit Whiskey with a partner in Charleston since 2011. It was just this month — five years later — that the distillery opened in Midtown Atlanta, taking its name, ASW Distillery, from the initials of its signature product, American Spirit Whiskey, or maybe the initials of the building in which their distillery sits, American Spirit Works.

In a city filled with new and emerging tech startups, ASW Distillery is unique in that it takes its inspiration from the age-old process of distillation, whose American roots took hold in the 17th century with Scottish and Irish immigrants who brought with them the tradition of distilling whiskey. …

Video introduction of our latest Founder Interview with Kristen Yonson and Jessica McRae, SwatchPop!

Startup Atlanta interviews the Co-Founders of SwatchPop!

We’ve all heard of movies on demand, but what about interior design?

SwatchPop!, the brainchild of Jessica McRae and Kristen Yonson, will solve your interior design problems in just three days.

From lighting fixtures to entire rooms, SwatchPop! works with professional interior designers to find fast and affordable solutions with style.

Necessity in the case of this startup was certainly the impetus for its start.

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Jessica was curating design ideas via Pinterest, but couldn’t imagine paying for both an interior designer and making over an entire room. …

Video introduction of our latest Founder Interview with Kristen Rocco, Love Notery

Startup Atlanta sits down to interview Kristen Rocco, Founder of Love Notery.

The wedding, it’s expected. Months and perhaps years have been put into planning this special day, but what about the back story? How did these two souls among billions meet? And what more, how did they fall in love? It’s a simple premise that can easily lose itself in the pomp and circumstance of a wedding ceremony.

Yet it is this element of a couple’s love story — its foundation — where Love Notery finds its niche.

Launched in August 2015 by Kristen Rocco, Love Notery captures the intangible by creating a written record of a couple’s love story and framing it. …

Video preview of our Founder Interviews series featuring Caitlin Abshier, Revive Bath + Body

On the second episode of our brand new interview series, Startup Atlanta hears from Caitlin Abshier, Founder of Revive Bath + Body.

Not all startups are the same.

In a world filled with SaaS startups, mobile and desktop apps, social networks, and agencies, startups that focus on tangible consumer products tend to have unique challenges to overcome.

This is why we found our next interview with Caitlin Abshier, Founder of Revive Bath + Body, to be particularly intriguing and captivating.

Caitlin’s founder story is one of true grit and determination; She reveals the struggles she faced as she started up her hand crafted soap business while in college, making and shipping product from her basement, and tapping into the right networks to succeed. …


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