Brian Conyer speaking about his entrepreneurial journey launching and raising $1,000,000

Entrepreneurship Grows at CalState LA 

Brian Conyer talks to students about how he raised a million dollars for his startup Giblib

The Entrepreneurship scene at CalState LA has been exploding in the past few years allowing it to become a emerging force at the university. More than ever before students, alumni, and even faculty are looking at entrepreneurship as a way of creating meaningful value to solve some of the worlds biggest problems. This growing desire and curiosity to build the next big thing was the reason why the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the College of Business & Economics and Barney Santos, the Center’s Entrepreneur in Residence, decided to launch a new series of ongoing speaking events. 

“We know our CalState LA community has amazing ideas”, Santos said. “What we wanted to do was create a place for them where they can meet successful startup founders, investors, and hear the very real and unfiltered story of how to start a company and raise money directly from the source”. 

The first speakers event hosted by the Center focused on exposing our students, faculty, and staff to the long and oftentimes difficult process of raising initial seed capital funding as a startup entrepreneur. The guest speaker for the day was Brian Conyer who recently, as an MBA candidate at USC, raised $1,000,000 in seed stage capital to fund his tech startup venture; Giblib. Giblib is an online peer to peer learning platform where surgeons can share medical lectures and surgical videos with one another. The room was filled with enthusiastic students, recent alumni, and senior faculty who were all excited to hear about Brian’s startup journey. Brian gave students the inside story of how he started, how he grew his businesses and, most importantly, the lessons he learned on the way. He also shared important steps an entrepreneur should consider as you take the plunge and dive into a new start-up business. “You can read all the books in the world, but nothing will prepare you more than just doing it” Conyer said, “Find your champion investor and sell your team first and your idea second”.

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is an organization open to all students, alumni and faculty at CalState LA. We believe in the power of ideas and we provide a place where great ideas, and the people who conceive them, can thrive. As part of our ongoing efforts the Center hosts pitch competitions, hackathons, StartupWeekends, and an ongoing speaker series that brings CEO’s, Investors, and visionaries to share their entrepreneruial journey with our students. You can learn more about it here