6 ways to nurture your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Everybody can be an entrepreneur if they so wish. But to be successful you will need to have that extra drive - an entrepreneurial spirit that will give you a cutting edge. This is what separates great entrepreneurs from the wantrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. You have probably heard this many times. Most of the successful entrepreneurs were flexing their skills on several startups long before they made it to the Forbes list. They had that desire that kept them in the thick of business. Take Jack Ma (Alibaba) for instance who despite multiple setbacks at the beginning went on to become one of the richest people in the world. It takes passion for you to face challenges head on and still be determined to emerge out on top. The determination to set ideas in motion, view problems as opportunities and turn humble beginnings intro ultimate success.

Characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit

With the changing economy, the entrepreneurial spirit is the key factor that makes one successful. There are a number of things that characterize individuals with a great entrepreneur spirit.

1. Taking calculated risks

Risk-taking is central to entrepreneurship. It’s impossible to earn a substantial reward in the business world without an equally substantial risk taken in its pursuit. However, this doesn’t mean that you should jump irrationally into decisions but rather learn to master the art of taking well-calculated risks at times where the potential upside justifies it. Where-ever there is great opportunity there will be great risk — without the risk everyone would pursue the opportunity and it would no longer exist.

2. They are optimists

All entrepreneurs are by nature optimistic. They know that the world is full of possibilities and that most problems can be turned into exciting new opportunities. When you are optimistic and positive you automatically attract other talented people who will join you and help your vision come to life.

3. Action-oriented

Real entrepreneurs don’t wait for things to happen. Actions are the foundation of all success and as Peter Marshall once said, “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned”. At Startup Experience we always way “Ideas are cheap — execution is what matters”.

4. Leadership

Being an entrepreneur you will make you want to perfect your leadership skills. Contrary to popular belief, leaders aren’t just born, they are made. And according to Vince Lombardi, they are made through hard effort which is the price that all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.

Once you sharpen your leadership skills, you will be able to better mobilize and drive people towards achieving your vision.

5. Passion

Entrepreneurs not only have the passion for their businesses but also for life in general. When you are passionate about what you do, you will be motivated to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way and achieve your goals. Being an entrepreneur can be extremely tough at times and if money is your only motivation you will most likely give up. It’s crucial to be truly passionate about the problem you are solving and the people you are providing value to since such passion will enable you to work through the hardest of times.

6. Salesmanship

As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to market both yourself and your business. Not only that, but you will also need to sell your vision to your employees, your investors and to your clientele. A business without sales revenue is really just a hobby.

All these characteristics can be trained and perfected and once they become a part of you, the entrepreneurial spirit will be an unfair advantage that you can leverage both in your personal life and for business.

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