Tools, Skills and mindset for strategy and innovation #DesignThinking

I like #DesignThinking described as a “double loop” and tools in the book Design a Better Business. I see the double loop as a comprehensive way of representing Design Thinking Framework / Process / mind set, plus the description of the tools in each step is excellent. The visual design used in the book is outstanding. I see this book as the very relevant, current and practical reference in Design Thinking (well done guys!).

Below the list of List of Tools for Design Thinking per step of the double loop:


1.Screen Plays, 2.Team Charter

Point of View

3.Five Bold Steps Vision, 4. Cover Story Vision, 5.Design Criteria, 6.Story Telling Canvas


7.Customer Journey, 8.Value Proposition, 9.Context Canvas, 10.Business Model Canvas


11.Creative Matrix, 12.Business Model Ideation, 13.Wall of Ideas, 14.Innovation Matrix


15.Sketching, 16.Paper Prototype


17.Riskiest Assumption, 18.Experiment Canvas, 19.Validation Canvas


20.Investment Readiness

Reference: Book and site Design a Better Business

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