While much has changed over the past year including going virtual, many startup needs remain the same; the need for mentorship, investor introductions, finding market/product fit, customer acquisition, revenue generation, finding strategic partners, scaling to new countries, and above all fundraising.

It’s Funding Month at Startup Grind and we are thrilled to speak to some of our founders who have raised once, twice, and up to 5 times since their launch. By sharing a similar set of questions with 10 of our most anticipated startups, Fundraising still remains one of the most difficult tasks for startup founders and surprisingly enough…

Nikolai Kronborg, Partner & CCO of AeroGuest, believes that technology is the predominant driver for innovation, user experience, and growth in Travel.

— In a single sentence, what does AeroGuest do?

AeroGuest is a full-service, mobile platform for digital guest experience before, during, and after the hotel stay. Guests can choose a room, check-in and out, and even pay — right on their mobile phones. At the guests’ convenience, they can also use their phone as a digital key.

– How did AeroGuest come to be? What was the problem you found and the ‘aha’ moment?

The AeroGuest API and user-friendly mobile solutions ensure an exceptional guest experience and provide new revenue streams for hotels.

— What sets AeroGuest apart in the market?

By checking in with AeroGuest you can choose your own room…

CEO of adam.ai, Ahmed Kamel, has always been a techie, building world-class products for the past 15 years. This is his second company to co-found, his first one was also a software-based company founded in 2011 and since then grown exponentially to 150 employees in 3 continents.

My second company, adam.ai is a meeting management tool, focused on transforming the way meetings are run in the modern workplace.

— In a single sentence, what does adam.ai do?

adam.ai helps teams plan, run, and follow up on their business meetings.

– How did adam.ai come to be? What were the problem you found and the ‘aha’ moment?

Funny enough, when we first started, we built an actual robot which was essentially an assistant, that was used to…

Strong communities cannot be built in a day and ours at Startup Grind is no different. Over the last decade, we have been fostering connections between people who live thousands of miles apart, connecting people from different backgrounds around their shared love of entrepreneurship. We do this by uniting around our Code of Conduct, acting with integrity, and never losing sight of our values. At Startup Grind, we believe in giving, not taking. We believe in making friends, not contacts. And we believe in helping others before helping ourselves. This allows us to appreciate the vast diversity of our lived…

Alex Menn started his career in private equity where he spent 12 years working on 45 M&A deals with a total volume of $3.5 bln with different European funds (Invest AG, Meinl Bank, Strategic Initiatives). After gaining sufficient expertise in investments, he becomes an active angel investor helping 13 promising early-stage projects to bolster their growth. In 2019, together with his partner — Ruslan Sarkisyan, he established the early-stage VC fund Begin Capital. Their management team invests from London with a focus on B2B SaaS, Marketplaces, FoodTech, ConsumerTech, and Artificial Intelligence.

Read on to learn more about Begin Capital and…

CEEK is a streaming platform for Virtual Events and Experiences featuring the biggest names in music, sports, and entertainment. With multiple software and hardware patents, CEEK delivers world-class immersive content across mobile, desktop, Smart TV, and VR Headsets.

Mary Spio is the CEO and Founder of CEEK VR Inc (a streaming platform for virtual events and experiences that verifies content usage on the blockchain. A Deep Space Engineer; Mary helped create Boeing’s industry-changing digital cinema technology, which revolutionized how movies are distributed. Mary is on the Board of Facebook’s Oculus VR for Good, Amazon’s Launchpad and is a scientific reviewer…

“It’s a great community of startup founders, mentors, and investors from all over the world that gives to its members the knowledge, inspiration, experiences, and a lot of useful connections!”

This is how Vasyl Dub, founder of Animal ID describes Startup Grind. Startup Grind’s relationship with Vasyl and Animal ID goes back to the 2020 Global Conference. Animal ID was an exhibiting startup at the conference and in-fact that was where they first met with one of their current investors!

In this article, we interview Vasyl and talk about many things including his journey as a startup founder, his take on how to prepare for startup conferences, how to make the most out of them, and of course how his experience of being a member of our global Startup Program…

What worked, what didn’t, what’s next

A highlight of the conference: Stacey Abrams interviewed by Gary Stewart on the final day of Global 2021 mainstage.

This year, things looked very different compared to before as we hosted our first-ever virtual Global Conference. More than 12,000 worldwide attendees tuned in for four days of content, education, and connection in the name of startups and the future of technology.

As a team of community builders, event producers, content creators, and marketers, our skills were put to the test. We know there is no true way to replace the feeling of human interaction in a virtual environment, but we saw this as an opportunity to reach people we may not have had the chance to meet otherwise. …

Jelena Vukadinovic, co-founder + CPO of Zuper, spent 10 years in product management, building consumer facing products in various industries, and finding solutions to complex user problems. And I’ve always wanted to do it from level zero, and build up a company from the ground up.

Four years ago, when he was approached by his co-founder of Zuper to build a product that helps millennials reach their financial goals it sounded like a perfect opportunity to do that.

At Zuper, we help people reach goals by aggregating various bank accounts, identifying spending categories, set budgets, setting saving goals and basically…

Cash.In helps companies to pay for their reward programs offering more options for users to redeem and no bureaucracy for companies to distribute. Making the payment of reward programs digital, simple, effective, and secure.

— In a single sentence, what does Cashin do?

We help companies get the most out of their reward programs.

– How did Cashin come to be? What was the problem you found and the ‘aha’ moment?

When we realized we could make the process 100% digital — intuitive, easy, and friction-less for users. For example, a user can choose between withdrawing cash at Lotérica, transfer to a bank account, paying bills, recharging a cellphone, and shopping online. All digital.

— What sets Cashin apart in the market?

We are 100% digital with simple technology, great rewards, and expert service…

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