Foundry program ex member insights

Traveling from Russia to the US with a vision for his startup in mind, Alexander Egorov was searching for the right location to base his product and enter the American market.

After two weeks of exploring different cities throughout Texas, Colorado and California, he ended-up in the city for entrepreneurs: Silicon Valley, San Francisco. He stumbled upon StartupHouse during his research for startup acceleration programs and was attracted to our Foundry Program. On January 2017, a new member signed up.

Alex, can you please briefly describe your experience at StartupHouse?

Alex: “It’s better than WeWork! Haha, honestly it was the perfect place for work, leaving and hanging out. You have everything in one spot which allows you to focus 100% on your business. It’s relaxed, friendly and well furnished with good amenities.”

As Alex was saying, one of the strengths of StartupHouse is the community. It serves as a driver that encourages the members to pursue their vision for the business they are building with help, advice and sometimes collaboration from one another.

After two months spent at StartupHouse in the Foundry Program, what did you gain out of it?

Alex: “The foundry program was definitely a good fit! My mentor, Elias, advised me in a way that made my business move forward with new concepts as reward programs for my distributors in order to gain loyalty. I considerably expended my network to potential customers and collaborators. I completed my product for the US market and had my first American clients. Also, the two other guys with me during the program became one of my closest friends, which is a unique added value that StartupHouse has. So, I would say that it was a successful experience!”

After his StartupHouse journey, Alex had to go back to his domestic market in Russia. Today, he has online retailer clients all over Russia, Europe and in the US. He’s currently in a process to develop his activity in the US market by deploying teams and targeting new customers.

That’s the story of one StartupHouse member — Alexander Egorov, founder and CEO of GIFTD, a concentration of knowledge of global motivational tactics for e-commerce and analysis of basic principles of online user behavior to help boost online sales:

If you have a vision for your business that you want to push forward, like Alex, join our early stage entrepreneur’s community at StartupHouse!

Julien Rosilio.