Intelligent clothing for a better you.

Wearable technology has been around since the 1980’s, however, a crucial component has been missing since its beginnings: DESIGN. Wearable tech has always been done by engineers, the results have been unpractical clothing with a lot of functions, until now.

MACHINA creates wearable machines by seamlessly integrating fashion and technology. They provide the user with wearable technology that is invisible, functional, and intuitive. They accomplish this by using flexible electronics, an elaborate integration process, and an evidence based design and testing process that is begins by thoroughly understanding the use cases for technology, and combining it with a deep understanding of the fashion industry.

An example of its use is in the video Here.

Over the years MACHINA have launched different kinds of products, from t-shirts with different political messages printed into them to their most famous product called the MIDI Jacket. It was a well loved product for dancers, dj’s, produces. Another product would be their hoodies with embedded speakers in them which allow you to listen to music in a wireless way from your mobile phone. Currently you can purchase the AUDIMUS Collection of Hoodies through their online store . All models, available in colors black and white. They are now developing OBE. A state of the art technology which can be easily embedded into clothing to have a full immersive experience through motion and haptic feedback while using Virtual Reality.

Check out OBE in use Here!

Four years ago, Antonio, Machina’s co-founder started the company as his thesis project in college. He was told that the idea was too futuristic, not viable and got kicked out of college his last semester for standing up for his idea. Two months later, Antonio and Linda (the other co-founder) raised their first round of funding for Machina. Now they are partnered with clothing distributors in Mexico City, New York and San Francisco. They moved back into StartupHousein April 2016, and have enjoyed getting to know the interesting people in our community. Order the clothing from their website. Follow them onInstagram and Twitter!