Accelerator track: Internet of Things

While our two previous accelerators were open for startups in specific domains (telco and fintech), this third version is open for technology startups regardless of domain. As long as the problem you’re solving is big enough we’d like to work with you. This doesn’t mean that we are done focusing on certain areas we believe will be particularly exciting in the years to come. Rather, we will have a different approach in our upcoming accelerators, including the one that is open for applications now.

“Different” meaning we will have a general accelerator program that all selected companies will participate in. All companies will receive the 1MNOK investment, tailored follow-up, office hours, credits, advise and access to our community and network. But we will also have a domain specific track, where companies within a certain area will get some additional alternatives.

From our perspective, market validation is one of the most important activities founders engage in. We spend a lot of our resources facilitating this, working to engage established companies so that they open the door when startups come knocking. This work takes many different shapes, but the underlying motivation is always the same: market validation for startups. We have realized that our accelerators are a great way to engage corporates, and we continue to dedicate a part of our accelerator to a specific domain that some of our corporate partners are focusing on.

In the upcoming version of our accelerator, the domain specific track will be Internet of Things; IoT. Yes, IoT has been around for decades in the shape of M2M solutions. But over the last years, the price of all components have decreased significantly, in parallel with new lightweight network technologies, and suddenly you can afford to connect almost anything to the internet. We’re seeing a lot of this already, especially within areas like smart homes and health. Still, we believe that is just the beginning, and there are far more opportunities left to explore, both in terms of connecting more devices and protecting them. We want to do our part to help build new tech companies in this domain.

Norway is one of the world’s most digitally advanced countries, with high technology penetration and good connectivity almost everywhere. And at StartupLab we actually have one of Telenors 15 LoRaWan base stations installed. This suggests that entrepreneurs building companies out of Norway involving connected devices have the odds stacked in their favor. Our corporate partners OBOS, ABB and Telenor see this opportunity as well, and are working closely with us on the IoT track of our upcoming accelerator.

Throughout the accelerator, they will provide extra support for startups working with IoT. Office hours, domain-specific talks and partnerships are examples of such extra support, to increase the startup’s chances of succeeding.

Are you working on a startup within the IoT-domain? Head over to and apply now!

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