Introducing StartupLab Accelerator #3

Until September 2nd we’re accepting applications for the third version of our accelerator. If you’re looking for the support and financing that gets your business off the ground, continue reading.

Since we started in 2012, we have been supporting early-stage entrepreneurs building new tech companies out of Norway. No Isolation, Huddly, Remarkable, Otovo, Ardoq, Kahoot, Zwipe, Tise, Attensi and many others are well underway - and as companies continue to grow out of our lab we continue to experiment on how to best support great technology entrepreneurs.

Our initial accelerator was such an experiment. Normally we invest in founders after we get to know them through working with them in our incubator, but we learned that some entrepreneurs need capital at an even earlier stage. So, we wanted to experiment with a shorter investment process. Having done it twice now, we feel confident that it’s a great alternative for many entrepreneurs, that’s why we’re running our third accelerator this fall.

So if you’re looking for up to 2,5 MNOK in funding through investments and additional soft funding/loans to take your business to the next level, our upcoming accelerator is just the right thing for you!

If selected, we will invest 1 MNOK for a 8% stake in your company through a convertible loan. In addition, you qualify for up to 1,5 MNOK in grants and loans from Innovation Norway. On top of this, you'll get close mentoring from our team during the three-month program period, making sure you spend your time and resources as efficiently as possible. Our community of serial entrepreneurs, corporate partners, seasoned investors and alumni members are of course available to you as to all other StartupLab members, making sure you get the best possible advise along the way.

Different from our previous accelerators, this next program will be open for technology entrepreneurs regardless of domain. We always look for founders with grit and speed, and we prefer that the founding team knows how to build and sell the initial version of your product. Put differently, we’re looking for ambitious entrepreneurs that’ll succeed regardless, where we can work to make your plans happen quicker and at larger scale.

That said, we encourage companies working in the areas of Internet of Things, Smart Buildings, Robotics and Connected Devices to apply. Together with our partners in ABB, OBOS and Telenor, we will put a lot of effort into these areas.

Sounds interesting? We are accepting applications from today, and the deadline for applying will be September 2nd. Any questions can be sent to Click the link below to read more and apply:

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