For the seventh time: Announcing StartupLab Accelerator

Starting today, we are accepting applications for the next edition of our accelerator program. Application deadline is September 1st. Find more details and how to apply here.

Jun 26 · 2 min read

The accelerator is open to technology entrepreneurs from anywhere in Norway, regardless of what problem is being solved. We always look for founders with grit and a sense of urgency, with a founding team that knows how to build and sell their product. In other words, we’re looking for ambitious entrepreneurs that’ll succeed regardless, where we can facilitate to make it happen quicker and at larger scale.

We have been helping tech entrepreneurs since 2012, and many have successfully scaled their companies since then. No Isolation, Huddly, Remarkable, Otovo, Ardoq, Kahoot, Zwipe, Tise, Attensi, Confrere, OncoImmunity, Exabel — and many others are well underway. As these companies grow out of our lab we are looking to bring in new founders. So if you’re looking for support and funding to grow your startup, continue reading.

If selected, we will invest 1–3MNOK in your company — the investment amount and valuation will be agreed upon on a deal-by-deal basis — read more about this here. In addition, you can qualify for up to 1,5 MNOK in grants and loans from Innovation Norway.

Adding to this, you’ll get close support from our team during the three-month program period, making sure you spend your resources as efficiently as possible. Our community of serial entrepreneurs, corporate partners, seasoned investors and alumni are of course available to you as to all other StartupLab members, offering the best possible advise along the way. For more details around the program, go here.

Sounds interesting? We are accepting applications until September 1st. Any questions can be sent to Follow the links below to read more and apply:

StartupLab Accelerator


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StartupLab is an incubator and early stage investor for Norwegian tech startups.

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