MeetCorporates volume 4

On September 27th we’re organizing MeetCorporates for the fourth time.

We want more great tech companies to come out of Norway, and the main obstacle for most of the startups we work with is getting the first customer aboard. We’ve seen our fair share of good solutions to obvious problems that fail to get market adoption, and we’d like to see it happen less often.This is our main motivation for working with established corporates. We want to open more doors for startups, and MeetCorporates is one of the best way we can do this.

We’ve done this three times before, and the response we get back is actually quite good. 1400 meeting requests, and we’ve been able to meet close to 300 of them. Feedback from our first two events tell us that 60% of these meetings led to further talks, and 18% of the meetings led to closed agreements two months after the events. Put differently, we’ve opened a lot of doors that has led to actual agreements. And we want to do more of this.

This fourth time, we have even more corporates attending — seventeen in total! Different corporates in most regards, but they all share the same motivation: wanting to get access to new technology, while at the same time supporting Norwegian startups trying to break through. The following corporates are participating at this event:

Cirkle K
Dagens Næringsliv
Oslo Kommune

Are you an entrepreneur building something any of these companies should know about? Head over to today and apply for meetings before the deadline on September 17th!

This event is a part of Corporate Innovation Day, the best arena for sharing experiences and insights about corporate innovation. You do not need a ticket to attend MeetCorporates, but we strongly recommend it to everyone interested in meeting corporate representatives interested in the next step.

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