It Will Be Remembered As A Zeitgeist..

image by Oscar Nilsson

Startup! seems to be the buzzword these days. And it appears most millenials, if not everybody wants to be attached with one. It’s trendy, they think. The traditional 9 to 5 corporate lifestyle is now held in contempt.

To a layman, and sometimes parents, it is difficult to understand why one will stick with a fledging company who is still experimenting with the solution it offers its proposed niche market and seeks to ascertain it is solving a valid problem.

All over the world, the buzz(not bubble yet) is gaining momemtum. For one to work in a startup is regarded as belonging to an elite club.

At StartupStalka, we want to chronicle these young ventures, failed or successful ( or in the process of both), and the problems they seek to tackle in the society. By laying bare these entities, we hope to inspire an early start on whatever path, for those now here and those to come.

There is a pitch demo day currently ongoing, just a few blocks away. Let’s see if we can get to talk to some of the founders…