A response to “You don’t have what it takes.”

The essay, in general, is accurate, most people are not cut out for the startup life. But why?

Because it takes a certain type of individual that share characteristics with many other great startup entrepreneurs. Did you catch that? *Startup entrepreneurs. There’s a distinction to be made, there’s startup entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs. A startup by nature must be a fast growing business entity, it MUST grow rapidly.

You can be have new business and have it not classified as a startup.

Startups require a large amount of sacrifice, it will eat up most of your time from start to eventual exit, this exit may take quite some time.

A regular business, whether it be a lifestyle business or not, just needs to maintain a certain set of clients or accounts to be profitable and meet the needs of the owners. They require different business processes, they might not need to be as intense.

Do you have what it takes to crash, hit bricks constantly, recover, hit them again, end in the water, almost drown, come back up for air, to almost drown again and then find a lifeboat, cling on to that for dear life and then eventually make it onto land, where you create an island paradise?

How many people are truly crazy enough to change the world, a lot of these companies like Uber, Amazon, etc , one can argue, aren’t without their controversies, and are they changing the world for the better, depends on how you see the world.

Startups are a whole different animal, they should come with a warning, please don’t try this at home. ) Or maybe, try this at home, not in the jungle, grow it sustain-ably and see where that takes you.