Doing anything well.

To anything well you have to devote your life to it.

You have to take it as something that matters and devote your schedule around that.

This is not do able if you’re pursuing several heavily time consuming tasks at one time & believe me, even if you don’t believe they’re going to be time consuming, more often than not it is going to be.

Be very focused on one goal. Don’t fool yourself and think you can obtain several core goals all at once.

Take for example if you wanted learn how to be a Sensei at Photoshop, and you wanted to lose 15 pounds. They are both very attainable over the course of three months, six months, or a year, depending on how much time you are able to spend on it.

It requires dedication & discipline.

Dedication to pursue the objective of learning and being able to teach it, to it’s end, even when it get’s tough.

The discipline of being able to cut out distractions whenever they arise.

Now, say you wanted to pursue two startups at the same time. That would make no sense, because one requires so much attention.

Why pursue two at the same time? Nothing will get done.


Pursue that throughout the course of the year and see where that leads you.