How do you identify a snake ?

The snake, by definition has to be clever, slippery and have no limbs to stand on.

Yet they get by.

They are able to survive and thrive in a variety of environments.

How do you tell who exemplifies the characteristics of a snake prior to being bitten ?

This would save you plenty of trouble and misery if you were tell beforehand and avoid the relationship with the snake.

If you were able to tell beforehand you would be able to either avoid the relationship or, if necessary, be prepared.

You would have to possess a flute to be able to charm the snake, but even then, you have to be aware that you are dealing with a snake.

When you become a snake charmer, you understand that there is a snake but there is no fear, you understand how to deal with it, and you even use the snake to your benefit, to your gain.

But, only after the realization of the fact that the individual is a snake.

So, how do you tell early on, that one is a snake ?

You have to be good. Really good.

How do you get good? That’s question.

By experience ? Not really. You can still be fooled and get bitten.

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