It’s all in the details

Breaking Bad & Steve Jobs?

Walter White and Steve Jobs have one thing in common. Care to take a guess as to what that is? I’ll give it a second…The haircut you say? No. Certainly not. Try again? No? Give up? It’s the attention to detail.

In the episode “Breakage” in breaking bad Heisman makes some great points. In the scene when talks to Jesse about the missing 1,000, he makes big deal out of it and Jesse wonders why. He states that he provided 16 ounces of product and expects the exact and correct amount of return.

Jesse wonders why he keeps harping on about $1,000. He keeps going on about different aspects like perception, how the streets and would robbers would see Jesse. He talks about other aspects of why it matters. He talks about what message Jesse sends when he takes his losses in stride and he paints a vivid picture.

Jesse doesn't understand and throws a $1,000 at Heisman. Heisman throws it right back. It wasn’t about the money, it’s about the principle. These details add up and can make or break you and you start up. Pay attention.

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