2014 Wrap Up

As 2014 draws to a close one can’t help but reminisce. Reminisce on the good times and bad and those times that were just in between. A time to reflect on the habits that you had and where they led you. Were you able to accomplish everything you wanted? Why or why not? How will you make 2015 a better year? What are you doing today to make 2015 a better year. Yes, 2014 only has two more days left (and some of us are still trying to douse current fires) but one can still prepare for 2015.

One of the largest takeaways in 2014 for me was focus, discipline, the need for a process and lastly the importance of preparation. I’ve just recently realized that being conscious, driven and creating great experiences in life requires a lot of planning, preparation and work. This realization was made in the latter half of this year so it’s going to have to be applied daily next year. RZA pretty much paints the picture clearly in this article.

Intensely work on a problem but also have down time.


Define a process, refine the process, stick to the process.

Written by- A.D

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