The Andromeda Galaxy

Perspective: One That Will Make You Question the Limits of Your Own Intellect

Upon inspecting our species and everything we’ve encountered and accomplished, from slaying mammoths for our survival to engineering electricity to shape the way we live, we’ve come a long way. We’ve accomplished so much, yet we have so much to accomplish. In fact if you really want perspective on how big and yet how small we are at the same time, you must indefinitely take a look at this.

Thousands of years in the making and it seems we still can’t comprehend our purpose. Here we are, a grain of sand in an vast desert of unknown perimeters and physics. We seem to know every star by name, color, shape, and composition yet we have no answer as to how arrive and survive on any of them except our own planet. It’s interesting how small and insignificant we are when we step outside our own realm to discover the endless amount of things beyond ourselves. Sure we have a perfectly grand planet we can eat, drink, and enjoy pleasures upon but what of the other 99.99% of the undiscovered universe? We can’t even begin comprehend everything which is outside of our own realm but surely we can start chipping away at it.

What if I were to tell you our resources here our limited as is our time? That we will be forced to inhabit other planets before our own demise but our own evolution doesn’t support it, we must step outside our own limitations and comfort zones. Before we’ve been able to rely on the survival of the fittest strategy. One that was more passive where we could sit back and enjoy the fruits of life while biology took the wheel and drove for us. The same, slow process by which we have adapted will not adapt fast enough for us to break out of this planet’s confines and adapt to other harsh environments. We’re talking hundred of degrees of temperature change on planets with no atmospheres or resources. Are you seeing a slight discrepancy here yet?

Take into account the Navy SEAL, the physical and mental peak of human perfection. The mastery of psychology and physicality resulting in the unstoppable force of flesh and bone. Why on earth do they do 1,000 pushups and 20 minute planks when they can survive perfectly fine sitting inside a modest apartment enjoying an apple? They push their mental barriers to the side and accomplish literally anything they want. They take their limitations and exceed them twenty-fold. They expose themselves to fear, uncertainty, and uncomfortable environments because these are the same things holding them back. The same things holding us back as a society. We dwell on things that aren’t really pertinent to our survival. Politics, jobs, media, entertainment, money, and all the other distractions are draining us of accomplishment and purpose.

We’ve created a system that isn’t necessarily efficient to our well-being and growth. We’ve established this and know this now and there’s still no change in behavior and being. It seems that it will be another 1,000 years before we go through the human-limiting process of trial and error to overcome the next hurdle. Why do we do this to ourselves and what can we do to change such meaningless existence? What a time to be alive? I don’t think we need to be patting ourselves on the back for becoming more selfish and focused on our own pleasures. We were able to recently verify detection of gravitational waves and how they interact but Einstein had established this long before us (even though it was considered an unproven principle, advancements were made with it). Honestly, the best time to be alive was during the scientific revolution if we’re going by groundbreaking achievement and accomplishment.

Now we tend to judge success and accomplishment by this piece of meaningless paper we’ve created called money. And money has not done much to reward those who further civilization. It’s a system of diminishing returns where those who manipulate the system best flourish and it will be our own demise if we let it persist.

It seems the same things that our imperative to our life today, we don’t fully consider or understand. Scientists have predicted water and food shortages by 2050 we still haven’t found an efficient process to de-salinate the oceans surrounding us, our largest resource.

What a time to be alive. Because for our generation the weight of civilization now seems to be on our shoulders. We’re more capable than ever physically, mentally, and resourcefully. The resources are there but the focus has been lost. Perhaps it’s time we shift back to the selfless systems of unification and growth where we excel as a whole, not individually.